Tuesday, October 14, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Subcommittee Reports
  5. Campus Reports
  6. Annual Reports
  7. Announcements
  8. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Tina Arora, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Joy Chantarasompoth, Mike Clark, Patrick Burke, Bert Cueva, Thomas Griffin,  Martine Hall, Jamie Hoffman, Kathy Molini, Eileen Fowler, Adrienne Malka,  Gigi Marr, Wendy Motch,  Andrew Tai,  Alex Stavchanskiy

Excused: Sam Schaffel, Malinda Lee, Stephanie Fisher, Jim McGlynn


The Minutes of the September 9, 2008 meeting were reviewed and approved with the following corrections- Martine Hall and Tina Arora were present at the September’s meeting.

UPDATES - Wendy Motch reviewed goals discussed and highlighted some additional topics and mentioned that her focus is on amending the UCOD charter and the constitution of bylaws.   

She discussed the committee goals they would like to meet and mentioned that she met with Monroe Gordon and David Burns the Emergency Preparedness Manager.  David Burns stated his interest in a committee to look at emergency evacuation for persons with disabilities.  

Other committee members added to reach out to colleges and other UC campuses to see if they have a committee such as UCOD and another goal is to focus on public relations and functions including continuing to work on training opportunities for faculty and staff.    

III. Agenda

A. Subcommittee Reports

1. Membership Committee

Mike Clark has accepted the chair position of the membership sub-committee and he will be working to fill the vacancies for the membership subcommittee.

Three undergraduate positions are open and Sam Schaffel the president of the Disabled Student Union will fill one of those positions. Bert Cueva has been appointed for the graduate student position and the other two positions are filled, along with one opened faculty position. All four staff positions filled, with one alumni position filled and one open. Three of the community representatives’ positions are filled with one position open.


B. Subcommittee Leadership & Organizations

1. Communications Subcommittee

Wendy Motch thanked Jim McGlynn for accepting the role of chairing the Communication Subcommittee. Jim asked if anyone is interested in working on the communications subcommittee to see him after the UCOD meeting.

Communication, Membership, Recruitment Program Activities and Bylaws subcommittees divided-up for ten minutes to discuss goals and sub‑goals.  

Donna Bryan volunteered her time to be on the Emergency Preparedness committee and Wendy Motch mentioned that Emergency Preparedness committee is out of David Burns' office, and that once put together, UCOD will have formal representation on that committee. 

Bert Cueva requested a copy any guidelines related to her concern of issues of confidentiality because she will be providing a report to GSA.  

Tina Arora stated that based on the bylaws, there is a stipulation about what can be presented and that reports needs to be presented to UCOD or disseminate with the minutes for approval. 

Wendy Motch stated that within the general UC policies, confidentiality is addressed and any concerns could be directed to Amy Blum from the Office of Legal Affairs. 

She went on to say that, the current by-laws indicated that this committee serves as an advisory to the Office for Student with Disabilities and informally to the ADA/504 office.   Wendy added they are trying to bridge communications to maximize resources between the faculty arena, the University Committee on Diversity, and Student Affairs which includes the ADA/504 Compliance Office. 

2. Activity Subcommittee

Had great turnout – sub-committee members include Martine Hall, Tina Aurora, Joy Chantarasompoth, Eileen Fowler, Bert Cueva and with Jamie Hoffman chairing the subcommittee.

3. Membership and Recruitment

Members Adrienne Malka, Wendy Motch and chaired by Michael Clark.

4. By-Laws Subcommittee

Members are Thomas Griffin, Mike Clark and chaired by Donna Bryan.

IV. Other Business

Wendy Motch and Adrienne Malka met with Monroe Gorden to discuss the ADA Coordinator’s position, as well as the ADA/504 Compliance Office.  They also had a meeting with Vice Provost Becerra.  Wendy added that through their discussions, the need to look at the bylaws and the future role of the committee still needed focus.  Having a focus on programs and activities, promotion awareness, resources and referrals, are some of the key components of the bylaws committee will look at as they draft new laws.

Disability Awareness Week

Jamie Hoffman handed out the poster of all the activities for the Disability Awareness Week scheduled for Monday, October 27 through Saturday, November 1, 2008. One of the things she was particularly pleased about is the breath and scope of the graduate, faculty, and panel presentations for faculty, and students to be engaged with, that might give insights into what it might be like to live with a disability.

IV. Campus Reports

A. ADA & 504 Compliance Office

Wendy Motch made a request to Chad Brown to follow-up on accessibility issues at the new hospital that the members of the committee discussed at the last meeting.  Chad and Gigi Marr discussed several areas that they have visited and the corrections made.  Gigi went on to say that the restroom doors on the first floor of the Reagan hospital, were too heavy for an elderly person or someone with a disability to push open and that from a facility standpoint, the solution is a push button to be placed on the outside of the restroom.  She added that, the hospital is not a state funded building, and that they are trying to work with hospital staff to find out when they are going to do to resolve this concern.

B. Disabled Students Union - No Report

C. Undergraduate Students Association - No Report

D. Graduate Student Association

Bert Cueva, one of the new UCOD members, reported that she is looking forward to working with the disabled student groups in the Research School and in the Law School, getting ideas on what some of the issues are for some of the graduate students.

Wendy Motch asked Bert to provide some information about the student groups to the UCOD because some members of UCOD are not familiar with those groups.  She also inquired about if those groups were registered RCO’s with the Center for Student Programs.

E. Disabilities and Computing Program

Patrick Burke mentioned that DCP now has the Dragon 10 Voice Recognition software installed and they are getting good reviews.

F. Office for Students with Disabilities

Kathy Molini reported that through the efforts and approval of the UC Mental Health Advisory Committee, the Student Advisory Committee, and the Chancellor, OSD was given an additional position.  Kathy went on to say that, they are very happy about that with the number of students they are serving.

G. Tarjan Center – No Report

H. Employee Disability Management Services

Adrienne Malka reported that they are starting to see casework involving faculty and the new policies relative to leaves, reasonable accommodations, and medical separations.    Adrienne mentioned they dispersed ergonomic equipment to custodians relative to the work they do and that a lot of injuries are reported resulting from bending, lifting, and stooping that could leave an employee with permanent impairments.

I. UCLA Recreation

Jaime Hoffman reported that they are getting ready for Disability Awareness Month and planning an outdoor recreation program for Pathways through UCLA Extension, and providing opportunities for inclusion in recreation programs. 

VI.    Other Business:

Adrienne Malka passed out a summation on the ADA amendments act, the first official change to the civil rights act that came into effect in 1991.  It came in as a result of many of the court cases and decisions that have affected how the law has been implemented around the country and insofar as employment here in California.   This amendment changes the definition of an individual with a disability for employment since the fair employment and housing act in 2001.   Prior to this amendment, an individual whose disability was mitigated through medications or assisted devices would not be considered disabled, but now with this amendment, any mitigating devices, a person considered disabled. 

Wendy Motch added that the UCOD could assist in providing education and awareness.  Some of the changes are not part of ADA but part of the Department of Justice amendments.  Updates to their statutes could influence how housing defines temporary and permanent housing for an individual with a disability on campus. 

Wendy Motch mentioned as indicated earlier, Stephanie Fisher is the guest speaker for next month meeting.   She added that they are working with Student Affairs to help to coordinate a presentation on student Veteran’s returning to higher education with Linda Sinclair from Santa Monica College, as suggested at the last week's meeting.  She added that there would be a meeting December 9, location to be announced and if anyone is interested, you are invited to attend the discussion on veterans in the community college and students preparing to transfer to the UC's.

VI.    Announcement

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday November 18, 2008 at the Faculty Center - Hacienda Room