Tuesday, June 10, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Campus Reports
  5. Announcements
  6. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Mark Ackerman, Al Aubin, Tina Arora,  Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Joy Chantarasompoth, Mike Clark, Bert Cueva,  Susan Drange Lee, Stephanie Fisher, Jamie Hoffman, Janelle Kulik, Tracy Lockwood, Adrienne Malka, Gigi Marr, Jim McGlynn, Kathy Molini, Wendy Motch, Kathy Molini, Andrew Tai, Tracy Shaw and Alex Stavchanski

Excused: Sam Schaffel, Malinda Lee, Victor Pineda, Wendy Motch


The Minutes of the May 20, 2008 meeting were reviewed and approved.  This meeting did not have a quorum

Dr. Tracy Shaw attended the meeting.  Dr. Shaw is a psychologist with Student Psychological Services and she will serve as the UCOD’s ex-officio representative from SPS, replacing Sally Melvin-Pick.

III. Agenda

Bert Cueva addressed the motion at the last meeting, regarding the Online Disability Program, and her hope is that this topic will be placed on the agenda for further discussion.

A. Elections

Stephanie Fisher stated that at the last UCOD meeting, discussion was held regarding succession planning needs and needs for UCOD leadership roles to be filled. The 2008 09 academic year, ex officio representatives will be eligible for leadership roles as agreed by all the voting members.

Wendy Motch and Adrienne Malka have been nominated as potential co chairs and both have expressed openness to this notion.

Wendy Motch submitted the attachment sharing her willingness to accept the nomination to co-chair on UCOD

Stephanie Fisher mentioned that Wendy Motch has a clear vision for the committee and added that the foundation of her plans is a good step for UCOD.

Al Aubin conveyed that Adrienne Malka and Wendy Motch would be an excellent team and that the committee would get student, faculty and staff perspectives from them.

Bert Cueva mentioned that she would like to have more conversation with regard to active recruitment addressing the different departments and programs. Additionally she encourages UCOD members seek out leadership that is emerging from the campus at the undergraduate and graduate sector.

Undergraduate level, there are several students who are appointed but do not attend the meetings, UCOD have not had anybody representing DSU for at least three meetings.

Stephanie stated that from conversation with Wendy it is a high priority of hers to increase outreach to the student populations to make then aware of UCOD.

Bert Cueva mentioned that a potential solution is that UCOD members, who are interested, could network with graduate and undergraduate students for active recruitment.

Stephanie Fisher stated that July UCOD would vote on chairs.

B. Subcommittee Reports - No Reports

IV. Campus Reports

A. ADA & 504 Compliance Office

Chad Brown announced that Monroe Gorden is currently updating the ADA website, which should be completed at the end of this summer.  He added that he is working on funding for the Faculty Center accessible door.

Gigi Marr gave a Facilities report regarding the projects below, with some help from Chad Brown.  She stated that they are always looking for continued feedback from the campus community and users.

Sidewalk and Hardscape Repairs

  • Murphy Hall - Hardscape around the tree.
  • Hardscape work at Westwood and LeConte curb cut outs (tripping hazards)
  • Sidewalk panel repouring on Charles E. Young East near Young Hall and P2
  • Botany Sidewalk replace by the LSRB Steam project
Increased Signage
  • Increased signage at Ackerman to the ADA elevator
  • Moore Hall signage to the accessible entry to Moore 100
Automatic Door Opener
  • Campbell Hall automatic door upgrade
  • Public Affairs, radio control doors at restrooms (men & women’s) Wooden West automatic doors
Restroom Upgrades
  • Public Health 1st floor women’s restroom add an ADA stall
  • Law Building women’s restroom add an ADA stall

The question asked whether there are public telephone devices for the deaf on campus. Stephanie Fisher asked Chad Brown to check the pathway map and that depending on the outcome a follow up with CTS may be warranted.

B. Student Psychological Services

Dr. Tracy Shaw reported that Student Psychological Services offers a variety of focus groups and non-structured groups. This summer they will be continuing with the wellness program, which consists of workshops ranging from dealing with anxiety, managing time, and mindfulness workshop. In addition, Dr. Nicole will continue working with a representative from OSD to develop a group mainly designed to assist students with a variety of learning disabilities.

Tina Arora added that graduate students worked closely with Dr. Allen Nokomoto and that last summer they designed a few workshops, fueled by graduate concerns and those workshops are continuing this year at the Graduate Student Center.

Bert Cueva added that UCOD have discussed appreciating certain individuals that go out of their way in regards to making changes to disability issues. She added that Dr. Allen Nokomoto gave so much concerning working with variety of students and that maybe UCOD could send an invitation inviting him to attend one of the meetings.

C. Disabled Students Union

Janelle Kulik reported that they are discussing ways to recruit members with and without disabilities to DSU. She added that it is important when someone go to the workplace to have the awareness of different disabilities.

D. Undergraduate Students Association - No Report

E. Graduate Student Association

Tina Arora stated two months ago UCOD talked about making sure the new graduate students are appointed and the discussion was about whomever is not continuing, making sure resignation is sent through to GSA , because in April May they stopped doing appointments. She went on to say that GSA needs to receive an e mail, letting them know what positions are open.

Bert Cueva wondered for the October 30 save-the-date, if there is any way to extend the invitation to individual departments, graduate researchers, TA's, and readers, because these particular individuals also work with students with disabilities, and it would be a great resource to have everyone trained in those particular areas.

Susan Drange Lee said that next year they would try to broaden the invitation pool, if possible.

F. Disabilities and Computing Program

Patrick Burke mentioned that 2008/09 UCOD Staff Rep Alex Stavchanski was the designer of the original Access Web back in 1996, the one who took it from the concept to reality. Patrick went on to say that, a new addition to the web is the Pathway map, which is now in electronic form.

G. Office for Students with Disabilities

Kathy Molini attended a panel discussion featuring returning military veterans. She mentioned that Vice Chancellor Montero, from Student Affairs Administration would be paying close attention to this rather unique group of students coming on campus. Kathy went on to say that, one of the primary common themes with the veterans was orientation and the information that they would like to be included.

H. Tarjan Center - No Report

I. UCLA Recreation - No Report

V.    Other Business:

A. Recreational Cultural Affairs

Jamie Hoffman talked about UCLA Recreation’s first year of adapted recreation programming -- what they have accomplished and where they are going in the future. She pointed out that their goal is to improve the quality of life of students and community members. The adapted recreation program is providing clinics to educate individuals so they have the skills to participate safely and independently in different recreation opportunities. The program depends on volunteers and if anyone affiliated with UCOD wants to volunteer please contact Jamie.

VI.    Announcement

UCOD Staff Representative Jim McGlynn received his MBA.

UCOD Community Representative Tina Arora received her Doctorate.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday July 8, 2008 at the Faculty Center - Hacienda Room