Tuesday, May 20, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Campus Reports
  5. Announcements
  6. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Tina Arora, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Mike Clark, Bert Cueva, Stephanie Fisher, Eileen Fowler, Thomas Griffin, Adrienne Malka, Kathy Molini, Wendy Motch, Sally Melvin Pick, Kathy Molini, , Andrew Tai, and Alex Stavchanski.

Excused: Sam Schaffel, Malinda Lee, Jamie Hoffman, Victor Pineda


The Minutes of the April 8, 2008 meeting were reviewed and approved. This meeting did not have a quorum.

Stephanie Fisher welcomed UCOD newest faculty representative, Dr. Eileen Fowler, one of the cofounders, director of research and education at UCLA for cerebral palsy and Tarjan Center.

III. Agenda

A. Subcommittee Reports

Stephanie Fisher mentioned that UCOD historically, and according to the bylaws, has had two leadership positions, a chair and vice chair. She went on to say that over the last two and a half years UCOD seen a swell of non voting representatives and a decline in filling out the voting member ranks. Joan Earle Hahn and Stephanie Fisher have suggested that for the fiscal year 08 or 09, since UCOD does not have someone who is in the voting position that is willing to serve in the leadership roles, that UCOD vote to allow ex officio members to serve in these roles.

Al Aubin mentioned that when the bylaws were written they did not mean to exclude ex officio members from leadership positions and that some of the most valuable contributions have come from some of UCOD ex officio members.

Al Aubin nominated Wendy Motch because of the work she has done, he mentioned that Wendy has been one of the most active members and has a good understanding of the issues concerning the population.

Al Aubin also mentioned that his last UCOD meeting would be in June, after 25 years service.

Wendy Motch declared her appreciation for the nomination and stated that this is something she would consider with a co-chair. Her concern is the conflict of interest, particularly with her department managing 14 venues on campus, she mentioned that when issues come up that relate to a call to action, she would excuse herself from being able to participate in those conversations.

Stephanie Fisher nominated Adrienne Malka. Adrienne mentioned that she is relatively new to the committee but that UCOD is a fabulous venue to promote issues affecting people with disabilities and that she welcomed the opportunity.

Wendy Motch questioned whether there needs to be a formal vote to have an ex officio decision. Stephanie Fisher stated that voting members of UCOD who are present would vote and an e mail will be sent to voting members who were not present.

1. Communication Subcommittee - No Report

2. Nomination Report

The nomination subcommittee is happy to report that Eileen Fowler has joined UCOD as Official Representative.

3. Program and Activities Report

Wendy Motch reported that the committee might travel to Stanford for the subcommittee meeting in June and she will ask Jamie Hoffman to sit as proxy for her in that meeting. They will be deciding on what are some of their goals for Disability Awareness month, because they need that information on the docket for GSA to see if they are going to do something larger that month.

IV. Campus Reports

A. ADA & 504 Compliance Office

Chad Brown reported that the 504-Compliance Office is working with the Faculty Center in putting in an automatic door at the entranceway. Chad also is working with Kathy Molini, they have identified areas on campus where concrete are protruding. Chad is also working with working Gigi Marr from facilities to get those areas shaved.

B. Student Psychological Services

Sally Melvin Pick stated that SPS have groups throughout spring quarter and that they take a break in summer but get back in fall. Sally Melvin-Pick reported that she is leaving UCLA after almost eight years of service and that she has accepted a position to become the Director of Mental Health Services for two agencies that merged, Center for Healthy Aging and WISE.

Tina Arora stated that November 06, UCOD started talking about having an SPS member serve on the board, and it took time, but Sally has been a person who volunteered and that students felt that she was very accessible.

Wendy Motch added that Sally has been instrumental in working with UCOD behind the scenes and on veteran issues.

C. Disabled Students Union - No Report

D. Undergraduate Students Association - No Report

E. Disabilities and Computing Program

Patrick burke reported that the UC computing support conference for all the technical staff, and universities across the UC system will be held in Santa Barbara, this year. Patrick stated that he would be the ringleader for a panel to try to get some increased awareness among the technical people who can do most about issues for web accessibility.

Patrick Burke added for the new access web, they have achieved excellent changes and that it is very streamlined, it is available from the university home page, from the wheelchair accessibility icon.

Andrew Tai added that in addition to having a list of available resources on access web, there also would be a list of disability related events.

F. Office for Students with Disabilities

Kathy Molini mentioned that they had some visitors from Malaysia and that they were very interesting about some of the efforts OSD have been doing. Kathy mentioned that they have had people from England, Japan, Korea, and various other places visited OSD.

Kathy Molini added that the visitors are really in many ways swimming upstream and that they are enlightened people from their countries and that OSD is happy to share when they can.

Al Aubin turned everyone attention to the article in UCLA Today recognizing Kathy Molini contribution to OSD and reaching out to students with special needs.

Stephanie Fisher mentioned that one of the UCOD goals is awareness building and that being the giver of an award recognizing accomplishments is certainly one fantastic way to raise awareness.

G. Tarjan Center - No Report

H. UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch announced that May 29 from noon to 1:30, a panel of students who are veterans’ who have returned from the war, returning to higher education, will be doing a panel presentation on issues and needs of students returning to higher education.

Kathy Molini mentioned that Paul Grossman felt the returning vets are going to reshape our community and there is difficulty in some vets to obtain appropriate documentation. Kathy added that Vice Chancellor Janina Montero is cognizant and dedicated, wanting to see where we are and what we can do to be in a position to work with students. Kathy Molini asks that Enku Gelaye to attend one of UCOD meetings since she is in the office of the Vice Chancellor.

Wendy Motch mentioned that the International Olympic Committee had strong rulings that involve transgender and disabled athletes to compete in the Olympics. This sends a message to humanity what the Olympics is all about, the spirit of the competition and humanity, coming together as one.

Wendy added that the Pathway program, which Eric Latham coordinates, has internship opportunities available for it’s students. One intern will be working with CRA. Pathways started September 2007, which focus on academics, developing independent living skills and vocational exposure. Pathways is giving intellectually disabled students access to higher education through a two-year certificate program.

I. Employee Disability Management Services

Adrienne Malka mentioned that on any given day, they are managing approximately 200 employees who have difficulty performing their job due to a disabled condition. They have an annual report that shows the numbers of cases and that document is available online.

V.    Announcements:

Al Aubin announced that Nadia Powers, a longtime community activist who served, as chairwoman of the Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities and the county's Commission on Aging in the 1990s, died April 13 of liver cancer, she was 74. He went on to say that, Nadia was a student at UCLA and that she was a very strong, dynamic advocate for students with disabilities on this campus.

VI.    Other Business:

Stephanie Fisher stated that UCOD will review the annual report next month.

Wendy Motch reported that the May 7 “Accommodation in the Classroom” program at the Faculty Center, went really well and that Susan Drange Lee forwarded the result of the evaluation, of the participants.

Wendy stated that Susan's office is looking at whether they would have the resources to have Instructional Development involve and they are looking to have some of their own equipment available as podcast. Wendy went on to say as they continue to move forward on how they cross that over to CHR as a resource tool for training and education.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 3:51 p.m.