Tuesday, April 8, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Other Business
  5. Campus Reports
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Mark Ackerman, Tina Arora, Donna Bryan, Patrick Burke, Mike Clark, Bert Cueva, Stephanie Fisher, Wilbert Francis, Monroe Gorden, Thomas Griffin, Joan Earle Hahn, Adrienne Malka, Jim McGlynn, Kathy Molini, Ed McCloskey, Wendy Motch, Sally Melvin Pick, Kathy Molini, Andrew Tai, and Alex Stavchanski.

Excused:  Albert Aubin, Sam Schaffel, Malinda Lee, Chad Brown, Jamie Hoffman, Victor Pineda


The Minutes of the March 11, 2008 meeting were reviewed and approved. This meeting did not have a quorum.

Wendy Motch commented that to become more environmentally sustainable a request should be made to receive a printed copy of the minutes and Stephanie Fisher added that members should e mail Sylvia Moguel if you want to receive minutes electronically only.

Joan Earle Hahn announced she is going to New England back to her roots and has accepted an offer from the University of New Hampshire for an Associate Professorship position.

A going away party for Joan Earle Hahn, will be held May 8, 2008 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the Tom Bradley Hall.

Stephanie Fisher thanked Joan Earl Hahn for her exceptional leadership, she conveyed that she steered the committee well and helped UCOD accomplished tremendous goals over years.

Stephanie added that no incumbents are running for chair and vice chair’s positions, which makes it critical for someone to self identify as being interested in one of those two roles.

III. Agenda

A. Subcommittee Reports

1. Programs and Activities: Wendy Motch disseminated packet that provided notes from the January, February as well as March meetings. She said that they are set for panel presentation “The Faculty Diversity - Accommodation in the Classroom”, which will be held May 7, 2008 12:00 to 2:00pm at the Faculty Center.  Wendy mentioned that, Provost Rosina Becerra approved the proposals and that everybody confirmed whom they have identified as potential speakers.

2. Membership Report: No Report.

3. Communication: No Report

IV. Other Business

A. Update on ADA Office

Monroe Gorden updated the committee on the ADA & 504 Coordinator’s search and stated that unfortunately they were not able to find someone they felt would be successful in that position. He went on to say that, they would explore another search in six to eight months. Monroe mentioned that his position gave him the opportunity to meet faculty, staff and students concerning compliance issues as well as working on accessibility issues. This summer he will be putting into place a comprehensive effort for the ADA website and will be working with campus partners, including the Office for Students with Disabilities, to provide trainings. Monroe and Chad Brown are working together regarding Emergency Preparedness and discussing putting a program or training in place via Student Affairs to help students with disabilities to be more confident in time of an emergency.

Monroe Gorden stated if there are any compliance issues, please email him at mgorden@saonet.ucla.edu or a phone call at (310) 825 1514.

Tina Arora questioned whether the position was advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Monroe stated that it was not, but that is something that will be considered in the next recruitment effort.

B. Disability Training Program Proposal

Bert Cueva gave a presentation that included a request for an on line training program regarding disability issues and resources. She stated that this effort was driven by her experiences navigating through the educational system at UCLA. She stated that currently there is crisis at UCLA in regards to how issues are addressed, specifically for students with disabilities. Her proposal was a mandatory disability on line training program that offers training for faculty, staff, supervisors and including teaching assistants on how to work with students with visible and invisible disabilities. She went on to share her perspective that navigation through the administrative process is extremely complex, inefficient and lacks communication between offices on the campus, sending students into endless circles seeking assistance and accommodations.

Bert added that having an on line training program would also fall under the approval of the student mental health community report for 2006. She stated that they received a grant for $4,000,000 and one of the recommendations is to create a healthier and positive learning environment. This particular on line training would actually provide faculty, staff, and employees’ proper training and would educate everyone concerning the Federal and State Laws under ADA section 504, in what is considered ethical and non-ethical conduct.

Bert mentioned that she met with numerous students from the Law School and across the campus, and the story and the narrative is the same -- students singled out for dismissal, sometimes ask to transfer out voluntarily and at times subjected to dehumanizing process of intolerances.

Kathy Molini thanked Bert Cueva for sharing her thoughts and said that she was not aware of a crisis state, and if students are in crisis, she encourage Bert to tell them to come and meet with her personally.

Adrienne Malka mentioned that the Office of the President is working on an on line training video regarding disability issues. She went on to say that some of the things Bert mentioned are in process, including better coordination and communication between the various departments.

Bert Cueva said that students that fall through the cracks, some are no longer here, and some students have committed suicide.

Wendy Motch mentioned that good things are happening throughout the process and changes are occurring. She added that she is reminded of her own ignorance and her own inability to know how to navigate through certain disabilities, and she welcomes the training. She wishes there was a training that was mandatory because she think it would make better educators, better teachers, and would create a much more compassionate learning environment for those who have fallen through the cracks.

Malinda Lee thanked Bert for bringing this issue to the table and stated that as a graduate student representative, she is aware of various students who have fallen through the cracks. She added that this program would provide a huge service for students adjusting to a newly diagnosed disability, and will help them to learn how to navigate the system. Malinda stated that she would like to support a motion to continue the discussion on such a program to implement something similar to the sexual harassment training program.

Joan Earle Hahn added that UCOD is doing some of this work, and that further discussion is in need as to how this should continue.

Wendy Motch added that Bert should allow UCOD some time to put forth and develop what they are already working on, which she believes will meet the goals she had in mind. She asked Bert to spend the next year working with the committee and to see where they can go because going out separately may not be the most productive approach.

Bert Cueva respectfully agreed to this suggestion.

Joan Earle Hahn agreed with Malinda’s motion to continue the discussion within UCOD.

V. Campus Reports

A. Student Psychological Services - No Report

B. Disabled Students Union - No Report

C. Undergraduate Students Association - No Report

D. Graduate Student Association - No Report

E. Disabilities and Computing Program

Patrick Burke stated that the UCOD home page is maintained by DCP and that they depend upon everyone to provide them with updates. Please contact Patrick Burke or Andrew Tai they will get the information updated to the website.

F. Office for Students with Disabilities - No Report

Kathy Molini reported OSD and DCP (among others) would be meeting with a contingency from Malaysia regarding higher education and disability issues. Kathy also mentioned that Vice Chancellor Montero is interested in getting a handle on the volume and needs of veterans with disabilities coming to campus.

Sally Melvin Pick mentioned that she participated in an audio conference addressing veterans' needs for accommodation in higher education looking at mental health disabilities, how it affects learning and functioning in higher education. She shared the training document with Wendy Motch and Elizabeth Gong-Guy from Student Psychological Services.

G. Tarjan Center - No Report

Wilbert Francis reported there are a number of conferences that they are involved in working with the California Community Colleges, the Students’ Services Conference as well as Cerebral Palsy, the Margaret Jones Conference on May 3, 2008.

Joan Earle Hahn added that the UCLA School of Nursing and the Tarjan Center are collaborating on a conference in Torrance on April 17, 2008 for nurses regarding developmental disabilities. If anyone interested please contact Joan Earle Hahn for flyer.

H. UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch reported that classes are in full swing for spring quarter and that the adaptive programs are continuing to grow. She added that she and Jamie Hoffman are working with Sam Schaffel from Disabled Students Union.

I. Employee Disability Management Services

Adrienne Malka mentioned if anyone has a back condition that is supported by medical documentation, the Environmental Health and Services department has a matching fund program to install sit stand workstations. She also announced that soon to be released is the interactive process training video for managers, supervisors and anyone who is interested in taking the training.

VI.    Action Item

Jim McGlynn reported April 26 - 27, 2008 is the Festival of Books fair and that an update should be discussed at the next meeting.

VII.    Announcement

Eileen Fowler, a faculty member who works at UCLA Center for Cerebral Palsy, will attend the next UCOD meeting as a newly appointed Faculty Representative to the committee.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 20, 2008 Chancellors' Conference Room 2121 Muprhy Hall

Please note the different date (third tuesday instead of second tuesday) and location.