Tuesday, February 12, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Campus Reports
  5. Other Business
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Mark Ackerman, Albert Aubin, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Mike Clark, Stephanie Fisher, Thomas Griffin, Jamie Hoffman, Adrienne Malka, Jim McGlynn, Wendy Motch, Sally Melvin-Pick, Andrew Tai, Malinda Lee, Sam Schaffel, and Alex Stavchanskiy

Excused: Joan Earle Hahn, Tina Arora and Victor Pineda

Stephanie Fisher chaired the meeting in Dr. Hahn’s absence, and introduced the newest Staff Representative to UCOD, Mark Ackerman, who is a physician at the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center.  She also introduced the 2008/09 Staff Representative-Elect, Alex Stavchanskiy, the Senior Network Administrator from the Law Library.


The Minutes of the January 12, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved with the corrections, while the absence of a quorum was noted. Corrections to the January 12, minutes as follows:  

  • Correction to Sam Schaffel last name and email address, his corrected email address is samschaffel2060@yahoo.com.  
  • Andrew Tai the Programmer Analyst from the Academic Technology Service (ATS), affiliation was omitted. 
  • Under Subcommittee Report should state that there are four Community representative slots, and two more members are needed.   
  • Section C, of Campus Reports, under ADA Compliance Office it should say there was a list of evacuation chairs.  
  • ADA compliance office numbering changed from C to D. 
  • The Disabled Students report section A of part 5, Campus Reports, changed to Sam Schaffel. 

Al Aubin moved to approve the minutes as modified, Stephanie Fisher seconded, and UCOD committee was all in favor.

Wendy Motch mentioned that at the last meeting, UCOD committee put together a content program proposal for faculty diversity session and from that dialogue, Joan Earle Hahn asked the UCOD subcommittee Activities Programs to take that on and she wanted to confirm if this is correct in the minutes. Al Aubin stated that on the very last page, it stated she would like the subcommittee to talk about this. Wendy Motch mentioned that they talked about it, and that it is on the agenda for today to finalize the proposed content and dates.

III. Agenda

A. Election Reminder

Stephanie Fisher stated that in May the UCOD will begin the nomination and election process for Chair and Vice Chair.  Neither she nor Joan will be seeking re-election. She encourages voting member to consider holding one of these leadership roles on the UCOD. Stephanie Fisher also reminded the UCOD that she will not be serving as a staff representative but as an interested person next year.

B. Activities and Programs Subcommittee

Wendy Motch reported that they had a good subcommittee meeting last month and that they decided to meet directly after the monthly UCOD meetings.  Regarding the Collaborative Program with Faculty Diversity they are looking at May 7 date and that, they are looking at the proposed program content.  Currently they are focusing on accommodation in the classroom geared specifically toward faculty tips and tools effectively on students and strategies for working with students with visible or invisible disabilities.  Wendy added that they also discussed starting plans on disability awareness activities for the rest of spring quarter and into the fall.  They are looking on how they would want to promote Programming and Activities on the UCOD website.  Wendy will contact Patrick Burke regarding that process.

C. Communications Subcommittee

Stephanie Fisher talked with Joan Earle Hahn and she stated that she did not have a report from the Communications Subcommittee.  However, she wanted her to announce to subcommittee members that she would like to meet next month and that she will send out an e‑mail.

D. Membership Subcommittee

Stephanie Fisher announced that two Community Representative positions are available and that one of the Alumni Representatives has not been able to attend the meetings consistently.  She added that one Faculty Representative position is also available.

Wendy Motch added that the Faculty Welfare Committee addresses issues related to the campus and life in general in the community.  Faculty Welfare Commissions specifically charged with addressing issues that concerns faculty and that they are interested in training environment. She explained that they would be a good resource.

IV. Campus Reports

A. Student Psychological Services - No Report

B. Disabled Students Union

Sam Schaffel announced that Michelle Tang is no longer with the Disabled Students Union (DSU).   He went on to say that, the art event is going ahead as scheduled for February 22, 2008.  Anyone interested to attend this event please email Sam at samschaffel2060@yahoo.com.

C. Graduate Student Association

Malinda Lee updated the committee on the historical review project she mentioned that it is moving along nicely and that she had a chance to interview key people, especially on the disabilities minor. She asked for recommendations of people to interview. Al Aubin suggested Helen Deutsch, from the English Department, Lucy Blackmar from the college and he stated that those are the two key people with the disabilities minor. Malinda Lee went on to say that, she would love to get more student perspective as well and that she is going through the 80's, 90’s, flash points in the committee's history.

D. Disabilities Computing Program

Patrick Burke conveyed that Andrew Tai and Chris Patterson have both attended the California web accessibility conference in Long Beach.   He added that will be presenting at the campus web publishers meeting next Wednesday, sort of a back‑to‑the‑basics of adaptive technology on how their various software interacts with web pages.

E. ADA and 504 Compliance Office

See below, “Other Business, A”

F. Office for Students with Disabilities - No Report

G. Tarjan Center - No Report

H. UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch reported that they received a grant this year for $40,000 and that some would go to equipment, specifically for the Marine Aquatic Center. They have appointed for scholarships for adapting equipment as well and are offering scholarships to both the UCLA community, including some of the local community organizations with which they interact. They just finished their adaptive recreation annual report and wanted to know if the UCOD was interested in receiving a copy of the annual report or having Jamie or herself do a presentation. Stephanie Fisher said that this would be put on the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

Jamie Hoffman announced that they are working with the Junior Foundation for the Blind and hosting an event for a group of eight students, ages 20 to 25. These students are from Tibet are completely visually impaired, they are going kayaking in the morning and rock climbing in the afternoon.

V. Other Business

A. Graduate Ceremony, Accessibility

Chad Brown reported David Clark from the School of Public Health (SPH) is requesting to come to the next UCOD meeting to discuss a student who is requesting a reasonable accommodation in order to access the June SPH graduation ceremony. The discussion was about access to the stage in Royce Hall. Chad explained that a portable crank-by-hand lift was purchased several years ago and that might be used. They are also looking at funding to rent or purchase a new a lift. The student is scheduled to look at the old lift and is going to be a part of the testing process.

Michael Clark asked if the student was okay with the old lift. Chad Brown explained that at the meeting with the student she was requesting access via a ramp. Chad Brown went on to say that, they are doing everything they can and will continue to be involved until they get the situation resolved. .

VI.    Announcements

A. ADA/504 Compliance Officer Search

Adrienne Malka, with the Employee Disability Management Services introduced herself and shared that she is a member of the search committee for the Compliance Officer. She shared that the search committee has completed their interviews and will be sharing recommendations with Monroe Gordon. Adrienne also shared that the EDMS handles issues involving disability and reasonable accommodations requests from campus employees, both faculty and staff.

B. The May 2008 UCOD meeting has been moved to Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday March 11, 2008 Faculty Center Hacienda Room, 2:00 4: 00 p.m.