Tuesday, January 8, 2008

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Agenda
  4. Campus Reports
  5. Other Business
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Tina Arora, Albert Aubin, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Sam Chavell, Bill Coleman, Susan Drange Lee, Joan Earle Hahn, Jamie Hoffman, Thomas, Griffin, Janelle Kulik, Jim McGlynn, Wendy Motch, Kathy Molini, John Maier, Sally Melvin-Pick, Victor Pineda, Andrew Tai, Michele, Tang, Sumudu Weerasuriya, Michele Tang, Wayne Yacoots.

Excused: Stephanie Fisher, Karen Leventhal

Chair, Joan Earle Hahn welcomed Jim McGlynn UCOD newest member from staff representative, along with Andrew Tai.


The Minutes of the November 13, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved while the absence of a quorum was noted. The following corrections were approved:

  • Date add “13”
  • Correct Name Spelling to Kent wada

III. Agenda

A. Elections

Joan Earle Hahn that per Stephanie Fisher that 9 out of 11 members voted in favor of Stephanie Fisher [Chair of Nominating Subcommittee] continuing as Co- chair and Joan Earle Hahn as Chair of UCOD until end of July 2008.  Nominations and elections for academic year 2008 – 2009 will begin sometime in May or June 2008, according to Stephanie Fisher.

B. Membership Subcommittee

Joan Earle Hahn reported in Stephanie Fisher’s absence that the nominating [Membership} subcommittee met and reviewed the applications for staff positions.  Mark Ackerman and James McGlynn have both accepted the offer.  Mark is a physician at Ashe Center who will attend a future meeting and Jim, present, is a financial manager at OB-GYN.

Jim McGlynn introduced himself and stated that he has been at the university since 1985 in a variety of capacities and in Ob‑gyn for 14 years.  Jim added that after he received the staff assembly scholarship he thought that it was very important for him to give back to the university by joining UCOD.  He went on to say that, he is looking forward to do some productive work during the year on the Committee. 

Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that there were many applicants and that Stephanie Fisher will be contacting on to serve as member-elect with the hope that they could fill Stephanie’s staff vacancy next year. Stephanie also requested UCOD members to send her the names of Community representatives, and she was reminded that Tina Arora and Donna Bryant fill the 2 positions now, so that there should be no vacancies.

C. Activities and Programs Subcommittee

Wendy Motch reported that their primary goal as they go into this year is meeting on a regular basis at 3:00 PM following the main meeting.

Action: it was suggested that if Subcommitttee Chairs know that the Subcommittee is meeting to notify in advance to get it place on the agenda.

D. Communications Subcommittee

Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that the UCOD website address has changed to www.ucod.ucla.edu, to make it easier to locate.

E. Annual Report

Joan Earle Hahn informed everyone that she received all the information for the annual report and she thanked Donna Bryan for reviewing the report over the holidays.  The report should be in final form by the next meeting and should be distributed by hard copy and electronically. Other suggestions included: send to Academic Senate, have a meeting with the Vice Chancellor as had happened previously, publicize in the Daily Bruin, and post on UCOD website.

Joan Earle Hahn added that, Liz Applegate from media contacted her asking questions about the UCLA community on disability and its history.  Liz Applegate interviewed Joan Earle Hahn for an article and Jamie Hoffman for her work in Adaptation.

Joan Earle Hahn stated that new mobility magazine had a reference to UCLA as being one of the top 10 campuses for persons with disabilities.

Joan Earle Hahn congratulated Jamie Hoffman on her feature on the UCLA website.

Malinda Lee is working on the history along with Al Aubin and upon completion; it was suggested that an invitation go out inviting the Chancellor to attend one of UCOD meetings to go over the annual report as well as a historical perspective about the committee as a good way to bring him into the fold.

IV. Campus Reports

A. Student Psychological Services

Sally Melvin‑Pick handed out brochures from Student Psychological Services so everyone could see what services are provided for students on a variety of levels. Sally mentioned that 4 out of 10 leading causes of disability are mental health reasons and that they are providing services this quarter for the first time that would address those top mental health reasons.   They are doing a group called findings focus for people diagnosed with ADD and or having difficulty with focus and attention.  They also have groups for anxiety, including social anxiety and working with general anxiety.  These innovative services are free to most insurance plans, mindful of the students they are dealing with but also knowing that there are students who are really struggling and suffering.   If anyone has a request, please contact Sally Melvin-Pick. Joan commended her for the good follow.

B. Disabled Students Union

Michelle Tang reported that she has been organizing an art show to recruit members and to get their name widespread and on February 22, they will have a party.   They will also have an art exhibit that will be viewable on the 23rd through 29th of February. The name of the show is Perception of Perfection.  On the 22nd, it is an invite only if anyone would like to be invited, you can e‑mail samzam20600@yahoo.com and put “invitation to art show” in the subject header.    The event party will be held in the Powell Rotunda on the second floor from 7:00 to 10:00 on the 22nd, and the exhibit is available during the regular library hours.

C. Graduate Student Association

Victor Pineda  mentioned that he attended the Graduate Student Association's meeting and there was a presentation on the recreation services.  He added that there was nothing very pressing and that they mostly talked about the elections they were having.

D. Disabilities Computing Program

Patrick Burke introduced Andrew Tai to the UCOD committee and stated that he will be the main contact for the UCOD web.  He stated there was a meeting on accessibility policy in mid‑November of the committee that is actually doing the policy, and they collected and looked at the comments that came in over the summer.  He added that there was a fair amount of confusion, such as the guidelines on how they can comply in brief amount of time, and that nobody was quite sure about cost factors.  Patrick added that the Office of the President is paying for one person from each campus to attend the California Web Accessibility Conference down in Long Beach and that someone from the Med Center at UCLA is going to attend.   He went on to say that, their parent department is sending Andrew Tai and Chris Patterson, who is their IT web team leaders, at the conference so that they could learn the latest and greatest accessible web design techniques.

Albert Aubin pointed out that the Office of the President recognized Patrick Burke for his contributions in their newsletter.

E. ADA and 504 Compliance Office - No Report

Albert Aubin asked about the search process regarding the replacement of the ADA Coordinator.

Joan Earle Hahn reported that both she and Stephanie Fisher are sitting on the search committee for the ADA. Joan Earle Hahn added that she made a request that that posting be distributed to the UCLA Committee on Disabilities. The search committee has begun review of the applicants; no decisions have been made. Joan reported that she and Stephanie made the search committee aware of UCODís concern and interest in having student involvement in the interviewing process.

Tina Arora stated that it is important to have a student, especially a graduate student since the ADA Coordinator spends a great deal amount of time with students. She suggested having one undergraduate and one graduate representative and added “for the record because even the smallest job for student affair offices are [for] undergraduates.”

Albert Aubin distributed a letter and shared his concerns about the ADA Office position, he stated that he went through the archives and found a letter from the Los Angeles City Council on Disability, which prompted this committee to be established by Nadia Powers. He added that there are issues that should be paid attention to, as we look for a replacement.

Albert Aubin went on to say that in the original letter; it stated that the 504 Compliance Officer must be appointed with authority superseding bureaucratic divisions and implement enforcement of state and federal regulations. Al Aubin commended UCLA “on where it is today because we have progressed a great deal” and that “we want to maintain these strides.”

Joan Earle Hahn suggested attaching the letters to the minutes for which Al Aubin agreed.

F. Office for Students with Disabilities - No Report

G. Tarjan Center

Joan Earle Hahn introduced Sumudu Weerasuriya from the Tarjan Center. Sumudu reported on several news items: The Open Doors Project, work to make recommendations on the amendments to the Lanterman Act, work with Extension Pathways students, launched three weeks ago. She went on to say that, they are administering skills assessment tests individually, and the process should be completed by the end of December. Sumudu added that they got word from LA Works that they would be launching a large community project with the entire Pathway student group through the extension program at UCLA.

H. UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch reported that plans for the pool construction are due to start in February or by March and one of the things they have asked the contractors, is to ensure the ADA access from Sunset Village Canyon point to Residential Halls be maintained. Wendy added that the new pool is specifically out of donors' dollars and will be used by Athletics, Inter Polar, and Track and Water Polo and she believes there may be a lift added for accessibility.

Wendy Motch added that as a general update, they are continuing to ensure that the Pauly Pavilion renovation project concerning the stairs will be addressed in terms of being ADA compliant.

Program Updates, Grants, and Activities - Jaime Hoffman reported that the sailing kites and anti tandem cycling are moving forward and that they should be getting 4 multi-sports wheelchairs. She added that she is diligently working on grants.

Wendy Motch reported that she is working with Transportation Department closely regarding alternative transportation and one of the things that came up in meeting was related to the crosswalks. She went on to say that several folks have asked about the timing. She added that they just finished an audit in April where they have a master list of every crosswalk on campus and they noted that they would continue to be different because of the traffic flow pattern including the width of each street.

Joan Earle Hahn asked Wendy to be the voice, to express the concerns about there being enough time for people with various ways of ambulating or mobility who may need more time. Wendy Motch added that is exactly why they are bringing down an urban specialist, who will be able to assess ADA needs.

V. Other Business

Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that the January 2008 UCOD meeting would start at 2:00 Ė 3:00pm and from 3:00 to 4:00pm would be subcommittee meetings.

Joan Earle Hahn stated that the Chair and Vice Chair elections are next year and if anyone would like to take a leadership role that, this is time to consider this and actively seek this role. She added that she wanted to open it up to group because they have succession planning and are halfway through the year.

VI.    Announcements

Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that the UCODís website is up and running. She went on to say that in UCLA Today, the November 6 issue, it talked about camps to set up emergencies, the article talks about the city of LA plans concerning emergency planning. Joan mentioned that it is a topic of interest this committee should be talking about to see where we are on campus, regarding emergency plans.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday January 8, 2008 Faculty Center Hacienda Room, 2:00 Ė 4: 00 p.m.