Tuesday, September 11, 2007

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Minutes
  3. Other Business-UCLA Book Fair
  4. Agenda
  5. Disability Computing Program Report
  6. Activities and Programs - UCLA Recreation
  7. Announcement: Disability Awareness Month
  8. ADA & 504 Compliance Office
  9. GSA Forum Update
  10. UCLA Recreation
  11. Adjournment

I. Introduction & Quorum

Present: Tina Arora, Al Aubin, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Lori Davison, Mike Clark, Stephanie Fisher, Jamie Hoffman, Janelle Kulik, Sally Melvin-Pick, Wendy Motch, Jack Raab, and Bill Sweeney
Excused:  Joan Earle Hahn, Susan Drange Lee, and Kathy Molini


Corrections to July 10, 2007 Minutes: Tina Arora stated that she is no longer the student representative, she is now one of the Community Representatives and that Melinda Lee is continuing on as Graduate Student Representative.   The Minutes of the July 11, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved while the absence of a quorum was noted.

III.Other Business-UCLA Book Fair

Stephanie Fisher introduced Jack Raab and Bill Sweeney, the representatives from the UCLA Events Office.  The discussion was on events accessibility, specifically about the LA Times, Festival of Books advertisement.  Key points are noted below:

Bill Sweeney explained that his office coordinates and is the primary contact for the festival of books event and that they communicate with the office of the LA Times regularly before the event. 

Donna Bryan discussed advertisements in the LA Times and mentioned that the accessibility symbol was never in the advertisements and that including the symbol would be very helpful for a disabled person planning on coming to the fair.

Bill Sweeney agreed and stated that the LA Times event, is not an UCLA event and to control what they do is extremely difficult.  He went on to say that, this has been a concern for number of years and for whatever reasons the LA Times feel that the symbol is not cost effective.  He informed the members that the symbol is on the LA Times website.

He explained that the LA Times is a commercial institute, and the advertisement costs money. 

Michael Clark questioned the meaning of cost effectiveness, and asked if placing the symbol on the advertisement cost money.   Bill answered that the Festival of Books is a LA Times event, and he was unable to answer that question for the LA Times, he added that in the past they have not been willing to act in accordance.  He went on to say that, the law does not require them and at this point, they are not willing to add that symbol.   

Bill Sweeney mentioned that the UCOD chair could contact the LA Times, making the request and he believes that the LA Times would very much reply in the affirmative to the UCOD members.  He also believes that the LA Times bills this as a community event, and if pressured from the community they may relent. 

Stephanie Fisher wondered if there are certain rules that could be dictated such as non-discrimination policies. 

Bill Sweeney stated that any external or internal events have to fall within the guidelines of the University and that includes the ADA compliance guidelines.  He went on say that the ADA compliance code stipulates what the university is required to do and in turn, the University enforces the same requirements on everyone coming to the campus and so any event coming to the campus must be accessible. 

Stephanie Fisher’s inquiry was on whether UCOD wanted to advocate at the campus level to recommend that this be part of the protocol, to make sure the LA Times broadly advertises to people with disabilities. 

Bill stated that he has a legal contract between the regents and the outside entity and this is not part of that contract, and that he cannot force the client to put a symbol on their paid advertising.  The Events Office gave the LA Times the language and there is a link, which is directly link to UCLA's website.  Another step the Events Office took is when they are getting closer to the event they installed TTY's lines for anyone who has a question, if they do not want to check the website, they can call up to 2 , 3 or 4 weeks in advance.

IV. Agenda

A. Subcommittee Reports

1. Communications Subcommittee

Joan Earle Hahn did not attend the Tuesday, September 11, 2007 meeting but forwarded her report below, which included 2006-2007 Activities including  UCLA Committee on Disability Communications Subcommittee Goals for 2007-2008

During the 2006-2007 Academic Year, the Subcommittee accomplished the following activities Partnered with the Disabilities and Computing Program to develop a website for UCOD including identification of content for website and links to other appropriate resources and websites.  Provided demonstration of mock-up website at May 2007 UCOD meeting with goal of putting on-line during Disabilities Awareness Month in October 2007.  Discussed website management procedures for UCOD website. Guest speakers for 2006-2007 included: Guy Leemhuis, UCLA Alumni Representative, on "The Disability Rights Movement in California and Its Diverse Communities.

UCLA Committee on Disability Communications Subcommittee Goals for 2007 - 2008 Bring UCOD website on-line during Disabilities Awareness Month in October 2007.  Partner with the Disabilities and Computing Program to maintain and update the UCOD website with links to other appropriate disability resources and websites.

Coordinate the on-line accessibility of the publication, "UCLA Pathways - An Access Guide" which outlines access paths around campus.  Develop a list of guest speakers for UCOD meetings.  Compile Annual Report.

V. Disability Computing Program Report

Patrick Burke report was on UC Policy on Accessibility in the Electronic Environment.

Patrick Burke handed out the draft guidelines for accessibility of: "administrative functions and services, courses of instruction,
departmental programs, and University-sponsored activities."   In it, it explained that Section 508 recognized as "a community standard within public higher education in California."   In addition, that Web designers "encouraged going beyond those standards whenever possible."

Comments on this initial draft are due by October 26, 2007. DCP is collecting comments to include in a response document from the Office of Information Technology. Comments may also be sent to:  elecaccess@ucop.edu

Section 508:

Source documents at: "Web Accessibility at the University of

UC Web Design Resources:

VI.Activities and Programs - UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch reported they put together goals and objectives for the coming year but have not gotten final feedback and approval.  She inquired if they would have sub committee meetings or if the subcommittee meetings should be outside of the UCOD meetings. 

Stephanie Fisher, Committee Co-Chair, stated the subcommittee meetings would be a standing order, unless a guest speaker will be attending the UCOD meeting.

The statement was made that having meetings the first hour would be very helpful especially for the Community Representatives not having to make a separate trip to campus.  The preference would be to meet from 2:00 to 2:30 PM to have a fresh report to present at the  UCOD meeting that follows.   

Stephanie Fisher agreed that the subcommittees meetings should be a half hour before the UCOD meeting and that the subcommittee could make it work.

A request made that members give a brief summary of their campus report electronically before the UCOD meeting.   

VII.    Announcement: Disability Awareness Month

Wendy Motch reported that October is Disability Month and is exploring areas for programming.   She mentioned that involving students in the programs is important and is one of the goals of the committee this year.  October 27 to 28, are tentative highlighted dates of strong programming with additional programs throughout the month based on schedules.

Some of the proposed goals for disability awareness month are for adaptive programs - hand cycling, kayaking, and power soccer.  They are planning to work with the new staff to find out if they can have a noontime or evening concert.

Wendy suggested working with Student Psychological Services on
education of mental disabilities and mentioned that across the UC system there is a great push for funding because more kids are coming to campus on psycho-pharmacology.

The committee wants to identify volunteer activities which students
could be involved with as a volunteer, on UCOD committee, at Pathways at Extension, or through the Adaptive Recreation Group. 

Stephanie Fisher added that Joan Earle Hahn hoped that each subcommittee would submit his or her report in writing in advance of the meeting similar to what everyone just reported verbally to be recorded with the minutes.

VIII.  ADA & 504 Compliance Office

Chad Brown reported that he met with the Disabled Student Union group over the summer regarding the space he located at the Student Activities Center.  The DSU group agreed that the space would accommodate their needs and it was agreed upon that the space is temporary until a permanent room is located. 

Chad stated that plenty of the new Pathways maps are available and anyone who needs maps for a special event to contact him and that he would have the maps delivered to their location.

IX.GSA Forum Update

Tina Arora reported (on behalf of GSA) that last year was the first year the graduate student orientation was on a large scale and one of the things they offered was a wheelchair accessible tour.   Tina contacted the OSD to be a part of the OSD mailings that goes out to the new students.

Tina mentioned that the New Graduate Student Orientation Resource Fair is scheduled for Friday, September 21, begins at 12:30pm, and ends at 3:00pm; the location is in the Ackerman Grand Ballroom.   Patrick Burke, Chad Brown, and Jamie Hoffman are confirmed participants at the resource fair.   She mentioned that she is putting together 'abilities awareness activities'; two raffle baskets for new graduate students who try these activities.

Stephanie pointed out that it would be great to have a promotional kit something that describes what the committee is about because many students with disabilities come to the Graduate Student Resource Center.

X. UCLA Recreation

Wendy Motch reported that the Fit Well initiative is about the workers program, to prevent injury in the workplace and to promote a healthy work force,to prevent injury in the workplace, and promote a healthy work force for faculty and staff.

Jamie Hoffman stated that the subcommittee currently is working on developing programs specifically on the adaptive areas for physically adaptive activities.  If UCOD members are interested, she offered to bring someone to educate the committee.  They are planning to launch an adaptive sailing program this fall, she mentioned that they received another grant a couple weeks ago for the LAUSD to identify teachers and support staff for communication.   

Jamie added that they are working closely with Pathways and the Buddy Programs and is working closely with Eric Latham from Pathway to provide resources for workout and that individual student will buy membership to allow a buddy in free.

Jamie has been working with the fitness staff and to purchase a machine that can go on different pieces of equipment and are helping  students to find ways to use the pieces with the adaptive initiative  constantly evolving.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 Faculty Center- Hacienda Room 2:00- 4:00 p.m.