Tuesday, July 10, 2007

  1. Introduction & Quorum
  2. Present - Tina Arora, Donna Bryan, Chad Brown, Patrick Burke, Mike Clark, Julio Feliciano, Stephanie Fisher, Joan Earle Hahn, Jamie Hoffman, Janelle Kulik, Sally Melvin-Pick, and Wayne Yacoots.
    Excused:  Bill Coleman, Mary Ann Jones, Karen Leventhal

  3. Minutes –
  4. The Minutes of the July 11, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved while the absence of a quorum was noted.

  5. Agenda
  6. A. Subcommittee Reports:

    The Chair, Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that UCOD is proceeding with goals for each subcommittee and that the finalization process would be fiscal year 2007-2008.  She stated that email meetings or other meetings could be done between now and the official September meeting date, since the subcommittees did not have an opportunity to get together at the July 11, meeting.

    Membership Committee - Stephanie Fisher reported that she surveyed all the current voting members; excluding Mary Ann Jones from the community representative and Chris Baswell, and that, the term of everyone expires this year.  Stephanie went on to say that undergraduate appointee Janelle Kulik, the Student Representative would like to be active 2007-2008 and that Malinda Lee and Tina Arora have also agreed to serve. 


    Joan Earle Hahn agreed to stay on, Stephanie Fisher and Bill Coleman would like to serve again along with Al Aubin who is moving to Alumni, now that he is retired.  Guy Leemhuis also mentioned that he would like to serve again.   There is an opening for Community Representative. 

    Stephanie Fisher added that the announcement placed through Staff Assembly received approximately 16 people expressing interest in serving on the UCOD committee. 

    Communications Subcommittee- Joan Earle Hahn’s report was on the progress of the UCOD webpage, and she discussed the many links that will be part of the website including the access map.  On-campus events and off-campus events, as well as annual reports will be included, along with the first Annual Report.  The question was what kind of personal information should be placed on the site for UCOD members.   The website address is www.accessweb.ucla.edu/ucod.     

    Julio Feliciano mentioned that an email should go asking members what kind of personal information they would like to include on the website.

    Joan Earle Hahn asked of Stephanie Fisher to provide representative positions for each person and perhaps sending out an email-inquiring if, they wish to have their email as part of the website.   Joan asked everyone to email her or Julio Feliciano regarding questions the public might want to know about the committee.

    Julio Feliciano recently sent out a request for photos to add to the website and received over 20 photos.

    Joan Earle Hahn thanked the Recreation Department, along with the students who took the time to forward those photos to DCP that are currently on the website.

  7.  Disabled Students Union Office Space Update:
  8. The Chair inquired if anyone had any information related to the issues expressed by the DSU students concerning losing their office space. Chad Brown mentioned that he gave his business card to Suhn Rhie explaining that he would try to provide a temporary space for the DSU group to use but that he never heard back from the students.  

    ACTION: Stephanie Fisher and Joan Earle Hahn will get together, draft a letter, and bring it back to the committee for comments and they will then forward the correspondence to the responsible group in charge of making the changes regarding the space allocation.

    Stephanie Fisher explained that one of the rules for committees was that they should stay active for the last two years, however for some disability reason the DSU group was not active and she believes that should be taken into considerations.  Stephanie Fisher added that she wanted to respect the fact that Suhn Rhie and her group were specifically concerned about pressure or advocacy and that they did not want to cause any further problems and that was explicitly stated.

    A suggestion was made to invite the Chancellor to attend one of UCOD meetings.  Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that if the opportunity arises, the UCOD members would prepare information pieces for the Chancellor to be informed about the committee. 

    ACTION: Joan Earle Hahn and Stephanie Fisher are planning to write a letter to the Chancellor’s Advisory group on Diversity to state that they are available as a resource, concerning issues on disability should that be a topic of interest to them.

  9. Campus Reports (as needed)

  11. UCLA Recreation:
  12. Jamie Hoffman reported that they have another six programs throughout the summer and that the kayaking program is successful.  They are looking forward to doing some programming the first week of August, as they are collaborating on land-and-sea sports camp down in long beach.  She added that they will have their first hand-cycling program and that they purchased their first multi-sports wheelchairs.

  13. Disabled Students Union

    No report.


  15. `Disability and Computing Program/UCOD Website
  16. DCP Patrick Burke announced that the Electronic Accessibility Review Group just released a draft policy for a UC-wide electronic accessibility initiative.   There is a comment period open until September 15. He mentioned that each campus is to set up a section 508 oversight committee, specifically dealing with technology, which covers websites, software that the university purchases   Patrick added that over the next few years this is direction the UC system will be going and they have been waiting for something like this to happen.   He mentioned this should push accessibility forward across all the campuses.

    ACTION: An email to be sent to the committee members asking for feedback on this document or see the just a link to the UCOP, office of the president, the page where these documents are stored; comments would go directly to the – to UC-wide Committee.


  17.  ADA/504 compliance office report. 
  18. Chad Brown wondered if the three microphones the committee is using are adequate and if not, changes could be made in the fall.   Stephanie Fisher inquired about the additional hand-held microphone requested at previous meetings because sometimes-quick comments could get lost.   Chad mentioned the discussion was to purchase a system, but it would be problem having new system compatible to what is presently used.  Michael Clark stated that it appears that three microphones are fine, one for each table.
    Stephanie Fisher asked for update as regards to staffing the ADA & 504 Compliance office.  Chad Brown mentioned that he talked with Monroe Gorden the Chief Administrative officer of Student Affairs Administration, and that his plans is to notify the UCOD committee to see who would be available and who is interested in participating.  Stephanie Fisher stated that the UCOD members are very interested to participate in the hiring process.

    Joan Earle Hahn, commented on two signs on one side of the sidewalk and the other with a wheelchair logo, And they direct people around a detour to the sidewalk that’s accessible and noted that this was commendable.

    ACTION:  A Note from the Chair will be sent to Bill Coleman from facilities.

  19. Office for Students with Disabilities

                   No Report.

  21. The Tarjan Center

         No Report.


         No Report.

  25. the gsa FORUM UPDATE

    Tina Arora reported they had three graduate student orientation meetings and that last year planned was in August, but this year they are planning for September 20.  Tina mentioned that they wrapped-up for the Graduate Student Association and now focusing on the Graduate Student Orientation.   She stated that in May, she requested a table for UCOD to be part of the reception, and that they offered a wheelchair access tour, and note takers.  Tina went on to say that this year they are going to advertise the tour to be part of the OSD mailing and will use the new maps for the graduate student orientation.


                       No Report.

  29. other business

  31. ucLA Book Fair
  32. Donna Bryan announced that for the last 10 years, the committee interacted with the Los Angeles times in relation to the book fair.  She added that the LA Times advertised the book fair in the newspaper for weeks and never once would place the accessible logo.      Donna stated that someone coming to the fair that has a need for accessibility needs to know that the fair is accessible.   She added that next year, somebody from the UCOD committee should interact with the LA Times to resolve these issues.

    Chad Brown mentioned that he worked with Karen Henderson-Winge the ADA Compliance Officer and Jan Paley at the last book fair  and was under  the impression that the Events Office was responsible for making sure that accessibility  was in place.  He added that the Events Office represented the University on the committees related to the Los Angeles Book Fair.  He added that somebody from the ADA’s should participate on the committee, and he volunteered to serve in that role.  

    Donna Bryan explained that the LA Times, in its infinite large capacity, has never understood the need to have the accessibility logo on advertisement and that there should be ongoing interaction from the UCOD committee.

    Chad Brown stated that he would call Jack Rabb from the UCLA Events office and invite him to attend the September 2007 UCOD meeting. 

    Tina Arora added that the an LA Times person attended one of the UCOD meetings before the ads went into the paper and that was the only year the disability logo was included.  They presented the following year, and had several errors in the way they advertised and she reported that several people in wheelchairs were injured because the route on the map that said it was accessible was not.

    Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that she was on campus for the graduation exercises with a large number of people and noticed an older person with his family, using a walker with the brakes, one you can sit on and the family was assisting him, and it did not look accessibility-friendly.  She added that mobility needs for large events may need to be looked at when it is necessary to get people from one end of the campus to the other. 

    Stephanie Fisher stated that UCOD members could address on-campus activities as well as those in partnership with the outside entity, regarding issues facing the committee at the meeting with the Events person.

  33. Annual reports

    Joan Earle Hahn handed out The 2005-2006 Annual Report and asked if anyone wanted to begin drafting his or her particular section of the report should do so and a timeline was prearranged.    She went on to say that at the September meeting, a draft version should be in place, and  by the October meeting, we would have a complete draft in a report to be circulated with the final report out sometimes in November.  Joan added she is looking for summary of activities related to those areas for this past year and goals outlined for the coming year.

    Stephanie Fisher asked if reference could be provided for copies of last year’s report.

    Joan Earle Hahn stated if there are omissions just add whomever you think should be added to this particular draft -- or delete, depending on which way you are going. 

  35. Meeting schedule

    UCOD new meeting schedule is out for this coming year. No meeting will be held in August and the next meeting will be on September 11, 2007.

  37. Announcements - none

    Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 4pm.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 Faculty Center – Hacienda room, 2:00 – 4:00p.m.