Tuesday, June 12, 2007 

I.              Introductions & Quorum

Present:  Donna Bryan, Patrick Burke, Chris Baswell, Chad Brown, Mike Clark, Bill Coleman, Eric Eggins, Joan Earle Hahn, Julio Feliciano, Regina Lark, Susan Drange Lee, John Maier, Sally Melvin-Pick, Suhn Rhie, Cheryl Sims, Michele Tang
Excused: Tina Arora, Al Aubin, Stephanie Fisher, Jamie Hoffman, Janelle Kulik, Malinda Lee, Wendy Motch

II.           Minutes:
The Minutes of the June 12, 2007 meeting were reviewed and although the absence of a quorum was duly noted, the minutes received unanimous approval.  

 III.       Agenda

 A. Subcommittee Reports

Activities and Programs – (see attached report). Wendy Motch requested that individuals who want to participate in the planning of the fall activities send her an email with summer contact information so that she can move forward and contact members about Subcommittee activities.

Communication Subcommittee   Joan Earle Hahn mentioned that the website for UCOD is set to go and that further committee goals will be outlined in subsequent meetings.

Membership Committee This Committee is chaired by Stephanie Fisher, UCOD Co-Chair. Chair, Joan Earle Hahn reported that although there is no official report from this Committee, they are working on updating membership, and some of UCOD members may have been contacted regarding whether or not they are planning to continue in current appointments for next year. A full report will be reported at the next meeting when Stephanie Fisher returns. 

B. UCOD Website
Patrick Burke from Disability Computing Program (DCP) reported that we have the structure for the web site, now what’s needed is what to put on it and a mechanism for posting what’s on the site such as minutes of past meetings. He added they would like to get pictures of different activities around campus, pictures from the disability awareness events or other interesting events. Julio Feliciano from Disability Computing Program stated that we may have historical images, or landscape images, but that showing diversity and what people are doing with disabilities on campus is the main goal. Photos from past disability events or recreation were suggested as possibilities.

It was suggested that a call for photos be sent out via email. A straw vote noted approval for putting past minutes on the website.
For anyone who wants to post something on the Website: documents for the UCOD website should go to the UCOD Chair or the Co-chair for review within 48 hours. Decisions will be forwarded to DCP. If there are questions, the items will be forwarded to the communication subcommittee and then the UCOD committee for comment.

 Chair, Joan Earle Hahn reported that Malinda Lee has reported that she is unable to make the meeting until August. Her tenure comes to a close on the committee for this year’s appointment, but she is interested in staying involved and has agreed to serve another term.  She is particularly interested in pursuing the history project during fall semester. (See attached report.)

D. Oral History Project 
Stephanie Fisher and Joan Hahn are following up on the UCLA oral history project as discussed at the previous meeting.
VI.  Campus Reports

 A. UCLA Recreation (see attached report).

Wendy Motch mentioned they are gearing up for the recreation programming for this summer for the large number of students coming to all of UCLA’s programs

 B. Disabled Students Union

Suhn Rhie reported that the disabled students union will hold an event to celebrate the new Disabilities Studies Minor on October 17, Wednesday, from 11:30 to 1:30 and invited UCOD members to attend. They will invite some guest speakers and will prepare some refreshments with Lucy Blackmar and Michelle Tang, new president of DSU.
Suhn Rhie went on to discuss the status of the USAC office space. USAC has a new committee called OSAC, the Office Space Allocation Committee, which met to allocate space to student groups, and according to the newly established guidelines, only student groups active for four years could apply to get an office space.  Suhn explained that DSU had been inactive for the past two years and therefore, were not eligible to apply for office space. Since the DSU members decided that the guidelines were not formulated fair enough, despite trying their best to get the office space back by attending their council meetings and meeting other people who were in the government, due to other student group pressures, OSAC had already made a decision and DSU couldn’t get the office back.  DSU is scheduled to move out this coming quarter, and will not have an office for this coming fall.
Michelle Tang asked UCOD for assistance for next year since they do not have any place to put materials and supplies, including current documents that date back to 1982 and a computer that was used by DSU members. She added that although DSU is not eligible under the guidelines to have office space and that it was not respectful of Office Space Allocation Committee (OSAC), not to collaborate with DSU and not to notify them beforehand.
Donna Bryan suggested that DSU outline exactly what their space requirements are (how much storage space you need and minimum number of persons who attend a meeting).
Joan Earle Hahn suggested that they put the request in writing with the number of people they need to assemble in the space and the estimated number of square footage needed including space needed for people who use wheelchairs to meet.   Joan will then forward this information to UCOD members and see if anyone could assist.
Chad Brown gave his card to one of the DSU members and mentioned that he would explore what temporary office space may be available.
Sally Melvin-Pick recommended to DSU members that they continue to advocate for their position as a DSU and to keep working with their group and others to review the guidelines that have been established by the state validation committee.
One suggestion was to write a letter of support next year when DSU reapplies for space.
Cheryl Sims suggested that a letter should go out supporting DSU for them to have the space.

It was suggested that given that UCLA magazine published yesterday, a big splashy article on disabilities a letter to the magazine should be written.

Action: UCOD and DSU members to report back at the next meeting on any developments or activities on this issue.

C. Disability Computing Program

Patrick Burke reported that Melville library interface site is up at the California digital library headquarters, and that they received some positive feedback. Numerous reasons were presented why the various changes were going to be difficult to do, ranging from –part of the site,  is too old, can’t change it -- up to software that created that part of the site is too new and we are outsourcing that and can’t change it.  Hopefully, they will figure out some of it by September before the official new site comes out. 
He added that Anderson School at UCLA is launching their disability leadership-training workshop in the fall for the executives, and business people with disabilities.  DCP worked with the department to accomplish this mission and Patrick mentioned that they were extremely appreciative. They are completing working with students on finals and working with summer students getting their software training and testing in before the summer session starts.

D.  ADA/504 Compliance Office
Chad Brown after visiting Radio Shack to check on the wireless microphones he found out that the microphones were not comparable with the exiting system.  Chad talked with management in Faculty Center and they promised to provide UCOD with two extra microphones.
Chad Brown reported that the new UCLA Pathways Map is out in print with at least 6,000 of these maps distributed. Parking is working to put in the kiosks.  They have been distributed in Recreation, Athletics, and Career Center. Chad asked for a contact at the medical center to facilitate its distribution there. It should be available on the web.
Erik Eggins suggested main contact for the medical center is patient department, Louise Villipando at 310-794-1276. Donna Bryan suggested contacting Dean Leonard Rome’s office at the Department of Medicine.

Chair, Joan Earle Hahn commended Chad Brown for helping coordinate the effort to bring the map to completion and to all of the people on UCOD that participated in giving input into this map. 
ACTION: CHAD BROWN  requested that If anybody recognizes any groups on campus that need these maps, be sure to email him. He is willing to print 6,000 more maps if needed.

E. Office for Students with Disabilities – no report

F. Tarjan Center at UCLA – No report

G. UNEX Disability Studies – No report

H. GSA Forum – (see attached report)
Chair Joan Earle Hahn reported that Tina Arora will be working in the summer helping graduate students from different departments to get their dissertation proposals ready and offering two optional dissertation workshops.
Joan thanked and commended Tina Arora for putting the nomination together for both Jan Paley and Al Aubin who received the 2007 James LuValle Distinguished Service Award from GSA.


1. Disabilities Studies Minor Event
This event that celebrated the approval of the Disabilities Studies Minor at UCLA was well attended event in 314 Royce Hall with about 150 people in attendance. A panel presentation was given by Emily Abel, Paul Longmore, Helen Deutsch, and Susan Schweik. Several UCOD members were in attendance.  

2. Pathway Program – UCLA Extension Celebration
Joan Hahn reported that the University Extension’s New Pathway Program had a kick-off celebration this past weekend. This is a program that has been in development for about seven years since several parents with family members with a developmental disability came to UCLA and asked for a program for students with developmental disabilities to come to campus. The program that came to fruition will be a two-year certificate program through UCLA Extension. UCLA will see 16 new students, who were admitted to the program, coming on campus this coming fall.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.   
Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 Faculty Center – Hacienda Room, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.     There will be no meeting in August.