May 8, 2007

I.       Introductions:                         
Present:   Tina Arora, Al Aubin, Chad Brown, Donna Bryan, Christopher Baswell, Patrick Burke, Mike Clark, Eric Eggins, Julio Feliciano, Stephanie Fisher, Joan Earle Hahn, Susan Drange Lee, John Maier, Wendy Motch, Sally Melvin-Pick, Suhn Rhie, Michelle Tang
          Excused:  Regina Lark, Kathy Molini 

II.      Minutes – The minutes of April 10, 2007 approved as printed
III.     Agenda

Introductions and Quorum

According to the bylaws as written and approved, the committee did not have a quorum, the alumni representative, and graduate student representative were not present.

a)     Introduction – The Chair, Joan Hahn introduced Sylvia Moguel and Chad Brown. Sylvia will assist the UCOD in an administrative capacity, while Chad will be representing the ADA & 504 Compliance Office.

b)    Administrative Committee Report – Stephanie Fisher, Joan Hahn, along with Sylvia Moguel, met with Monroe Gordon, the Chief Administrative Officer of Student Affairs, the discussion was on UCOD committee, and support. Monroe mentioned that there were different plans in the works in terms of ADA long‑term staffing and he shared his commitment to UCOD and ADA, with the retirement of the Jan Paley.  He invited the committee to be involved in the recruitment process and he specifically asked for input from members regarding what they see as the most crucial functions of the office.  A suggestion made that he hosts a conference call and he agreed while adding that he would send out an e‑mail invitation.  This will give the committee members opportunity for communication and feedback.

IV.     Campus Reports

a)     Programming and Outreach - Wendy Motch is taking over as Chair of the Programming and Outreach committee and Al Aubin will serve as the consultant.  The committee brainstormed on some of the goals that might be involved in the upcoming year that linked to programming and outreach to the campus community. 

Things identified overall were visibility in programming and outreach in the campus community, in general to continue to raise awareness on campus, and to focus on programming activities, training, and education.  Albert Aubin added that it is important for the committee to look at the objectives that the committee agreed upon and the goals that were previously set.  A document was handed out to the committee with the list of the objectives.

b)    Development and Recruitment Committee - Stephanie Fisher mentioned that at the first meeting the discussion was primarily about memberships and appointments.  Two graduate students will no longer be able to serve in that capacity and there is a need for recruiting new students and other members.  At the August orientation, someone will be there to talk to students about UCOD opportunity.  Stephanie explained that the committee is working on these important areas to have the full breath and depth of membership for the coming year. 

c)     Communication Subcommittee -    Joan Earle Hahn, Chris Baswell, Patrick Burke, Bill Coleman, Julio Feliciano, and Mary Ann Jones met last week, and they zeroed in on the UCOD website goals. The first goal is to expand the website by September.  The second objective was to determine the access management procedure for the website, work with ADA, and include a gatekeeper structurefor the website.  The third objective is to determine any new links to add to this site.


d)    Disability and Computing Program – Patrick Burke and Julio Feliciano introduced a prototype of the website; they wanted to raise the profile of the committee and to get the name out.  The website will be one click off the UCLA Home page.   The committee will designate someone to collect the information and forward it over to DCP’s parent organization and the Sub-committee is working on a centralized gatekeeper.

Patrick Burke will be traveling to Oakland to the Office of the President and the California digital library, for the updating the Melville library catalog system website, and for an in‑person accessibility presentation


e)      Disabled Students Union – Michelle Tang was elected as the disabled students’ union president and Anjali Valladhapuratu elected as the vice president. Michelle is an English Major and this is her first year at UCLA. She conveyed that she is looking forward to collaborating with UCOD members.    

f)     ADA & 504 Compliance - Chad Brown reported that the access maps will be distributed by the end May or the beginning of June.

g)     Student Psychological Services   -   Sally Melvin‑Pick reported that the month of May is mental health month, and that every month is mental health month for the Student Psychological Services department. She mentioned that they provide individual therapy, group therapy, and wellness workshops on topics such as procrastination, stress management, and the art of sleeping.   They also have a program called the stress clinic for public speaking, anxiety, and social anxiety.  The CDC reported  that in a given year, 4 out of 10 people meet the criteria for a mental disorder and that college campuses are seeing more students than before, in the last 15 years.  The Student Psychological Services website: http://www.sps.ucla.edu/training_apa.html     

Tina Arora stated there has long been a need to have somebody from SPS represented on this committee and mentioned that the discussion at UCOD is mostly about physical disabilities, not as much on mental disabilities, thus it is great to have Sally as our official representative from SPS. 

h)       Update on Graduate Student AssociationTina Arora reported that the graduate student association forum met last month, on April 18. One of the things discussed was getting ready for the graduate student elections, and one topic was on the UCLA common collaboration and learning environment. The idea it is to bring everybody on campus together to use the same technology interface on line. Video webs for classes, information for minutes, everything will be accessible from the same website.  Tina added that she put together a presentation on the committee for the Graduate Student Associations and handed out copies of the PowerPoint presentation to the committee members.

    Historical Review Project - the Chair reported that Malinda Lee took on the project earlier this year through the School of Law to look at the history of university and Advisory Committee on Disability.  The ADA office is facing some changes and the main purpose is to maintain the committee history.  Susan Drange Lee from the Office of Faculty Diversity mentioned that they would provide support for a student or a graduate student to assist with the project.   She added that the information would be useful on a number of levels and for different purposes.

ACTION: Stephanie Fisher and Joan Hahn will contact the people in the oral history department regarding that project.

V.  Other Business

A.   The Chair asked for input on whether captioning was helpful and if there is a need for it to continue. Albert Aubin mentioned that he finds it to be helpful, Michael Clark agreed, and others concurred. 

  1. A request was made to add a second hand free microphone in the meeting.


ACTION: Chad Brown offered to look into the request and make a report at the next meeting.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Albert Aubin handed out a copy of the document called disability 101, he recently did a presentation on accessibility in meetings, and found the document to be helpful on things to avoid and know.  He mentioned that some of things are obvious for most but not for all and a copy of the document was distributed.


  1. The Chair asked for recommendation for speakers for upcoming meetings.  Suggestions were to invite someone from SPS, the Tarjan Center, and David Burns the Emergency Preparedness Manager from the General Services-Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor. 
  1. Erik Eggins reported that evacuation chair was approved by the Medical Center disaster committee to purchase 27 chairs for the medical center and is going to the administration for approval. Erik Eggins was commended for his assistance in getting wheelchairs for the recent Disability Event held by Disabilities Student Union.


V11.  Adjournment

          Meeting was adjourned 4:00pm


                   Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 12, 2007
                   Faculty Center - Hacienda Room
                             2:00 – 4:00 p.m.