Minutes – September 14, 2010



Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Co- Chairs: Lisa Mueller, Jim McGlynn

Vice-Chair:                 Eileen Fowler

Community Rep:       Donna Bryan

Staff:                          Mark Ackerman

Ex- Officio Member: Patrick Burke, Dianne Tanjuaquio, Heather Wozniak, Adrienne Malka

Alumni:                      Robert Werle

Excused – Didi Hollingsworth, Wendy Motch, Sharon Teruya, David Leon, Alex Stavchanskiy, Bert Cueva

Call to Order

The meeting was call to order at 2:10pm

Review of Minutes

The July 13, 2010 minutes reviewed, with changes noted.


Recap UCOD changes to be implemented 2010 -2011- Lisa Muller, Jim McGlynn & Eileen Fowler.

  • Co-Chair Jim McGlynn mentioned that discussions were on whether Heather Wozniak was willing to accept the position as Chairperson of the Communication subcommittee and he stated that he would continue to partake on that committee as well.
  • Heather Wozniak accepted the position to serve on the Communication Subcommittee.
  • Everyone else will continue their role on subcommittees
  • Members will discuss the  By-Laws at the October meeting
  • Members/Recruitment will be discussed at the October meeting as well

Speakers Series

  • Co-Chair Lisa Mueller mentioned that the consensus was to continue the Speaker Series and she requested suggestions, for speakers and interesting topics.

Members suggested inviting:

  • Autism group at UCLA
  • Updates on Emergency Preparedness by Dave Burns
  • Faculty Diversity
  • Additional ideas are recorded in minutes from last year’s meetings.
    • There is a need for representation from the OSD and the ADA & 504 Compliance office to address concerns and issues
    • Discussions on issues and challenges students are facing, which Bert Cueva presented at previous meetings.

2010-2011 Goals

  • Last year discussion was to get undergraduates involve in the committee since their input is valuable to the committee.
  • Presentation from DCP regarding the UCOD website new paradigm, having the committee understand the tools that are available to meet its mission
  • Members seeking out individuals, so that UCOD could have continuity in leadership.
    • Dianne Tanjuaquio mentioned that when she was an undergrad she was part of the Undergrad Student Association, which appointed students to serve on UCOD.  She mentioned that she has the ability to get undergraduates involved.
    • Dianne agreed to lead the Membership subcommittee.
    • OSD sent out a survey to students, which included four questions UCOD members put together.  A request will be made from Kathy Molini regarding the outcome of the report.
    • Members discussed how to outreach and recruit students to participate in UCOD meeting, suggestions were, direct outreach in the classroom, orientation, and /or indirect through survey instrument also the Daily Bruin.
  • Proposed Outreach Subcommittee:
    • Bert Cueva will receive a letter, requesting the mission statement in writing
  • Website Overview:
    • Heather Wozniak is planning an overview of the UCOD website at the October meeting.   A formal report is forthcoming on meetings held over the summer discussing the website.
    • Members will receive an email from Heather requesting information for the site.

Campus Reports:

ADA & 504 Compliance Office – no report

CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) – no report

Disabled Students Updates – no report

Undergraduate Student Association – no report

Graduate Student Association – no report

Disability and Computing Program:

  • Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team (EALT)Kyle McJunkin (UCLA College Academic Counseling) has be nominated and has agreed to join the EALT.  The recommendation was made by prof. Helen Deutsch as someone who would be attuned to technical web design and accessibility issues, as well as the needs and concerns of Faculty.  He and Patrick Burke will both provide a voice for UCLA on the team.
  • Update: Leadership Institute for Managers with DisabilitiesThis innovative program by the Anderson School has been rescheduled.  The later launch means there is still time for anyone interested to sign up.

  • Revised schedules:
    • Program Kickoff and Cohort Web Conference:  October 27, 2010
    • 3-day On Campus Experience: January 18-21, 2010
    • First Coaching Clusters Web Conference: February 15-16, 2011
    • Second Coaching Clusters Web Conference: March 15-16, 2011
  • Leadership Institute for Managers with Disabilities: http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/EEPlimd.xml

Office for Students with Disabilities – no report

Tarjan Center – Vice-Chair Eileen Fowler Reported:

  • Dr. Andrew Russell the co-director in the department psychology will be receiving a George Tarjan award.
  • Administration of Developmental Disabilities, submitted a grant to develop a center call California One Stop Center on emergency preparedness in developmental disability.
  • Another grant submitted called Tech to Go, to fund Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for children with orthopedic disabilities.
  • A new member of Tarjan Center, Dr. Liz Laugeson a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.  Her current clinical and research interests are in social skills training for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm

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