Minutes – October 12, 2010



Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Vice-Chair:  Eileen Fowler

Community Rep:   Donna Bryan, Sharon Teruya

Staff:  Mark Ackerman, David Leon, Alex Stavchanskiy

Ex- Officio Member:    Patrick Burke, Dianne Tanjuaquio, Heather Wozniak, Didi Hollingsworth, Wendy Motch, Jamie Hoffman

Alumni:   Robert Werle

Guest: Victor Pineda, Scott Cooper & Ted Humphrey

ADA & 504 Office:  Monroe Gorden

Excused – Lisa Mueller, Jim McGlynn, Bert Cueva, Adrienne Malka, Susan Drange Lee

Call to Order

The meeting was call to order at 2:10pm

Review of Minutes

The September 14, 2010 minutes reviewed, with the changed noted.


Disability History Week – Victor Pineda and Scott Cooper showed a collection of short documentaries that profile disabled people from around the world. These films aim to inspire discussions, prompt actions and help create an inclusive global society.

The World Enabled Series is an excellent educational tool for schools, libraries, non-profits that can influence communities and policy makers. Another component to the World Enabled Series is a complete website, which will provide additional information and resources allowing discussion, action and interaction.

The World Enabled Series is a one-of-a-kind global media project that shows the unheard stories of people with disabilities and uses their stories as tools to inspire change.

PLEASE VISIT It’s Our Story: Please join the Victor Pineda Foundation and Its Our Story in celebrating this momentous occasion by visiting http://www.itsourstory.org/

Disability Survey Results – Ed McCloskey gave an overview on OSD student survey and mentioned that OSD provided accommodations to approximately fifteen hundred students last year, and of that, 1,231 students received surveys.   OSD received 240 surveys back, of which approximately 30 students wrote on the additional sheet about their experiences.  Ed added that eighty percent were positive and twenty percent had some issues.

Additional discussions will continue at the November 9, 2010 meeting.

Proposed Outreach Subcommittee– Bert Cueva absent

Website/Communication Presentation – Heather Wozniak emailed the proposal to everyone and gave a brief summary.  She mentioned that the primary purpose of the website is to facilitate official committee business and to educate members of the campus community about issues related to disabilities.    

Guest Speaker for November – Rebecca Beattie is the planned speaker at the November 9, 2010 meeting. She is from National Public Health; she will address the disability needs of the aging population.

Gurpreet Kaur is the new undergraduate appointed to the committee.

Ted Humphrey, the webmaster for Southern California Gas Company, attended the meeting and mentioned that he had many interactions with Patrick Burke on website accessibility and universal design. He attended the meeting to see if there is anything, he could offer or contribute.

Campus Report

ADA & 504 Compliance Office – Monroe Gorden reminded everyone that it is Disability History Week and thanked UCOD and CRA for putting together the program on short notice.   He mentioned that the UC President has set down an annual program for Disability History Week and that the resolution came out of the State Assembly that Disability Week will be celebrated the second week in October.

Members discussed the differences between Disability History Week and Disability Awareness Week and questioned whether both programs would continue.

Didi Hollingsworth wanted to obtain information on the mechanism to donate to this committee.

Monroe Gorden mentioned that he is currently working on establishing codes on the UCLA site for ADA & OSD.

Wendy Motch added that with the new UCOD website this could be the goal for next year for Disability Awareness.

A handout was disseminated with the list of events for Disability History Week 2010.

CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) – Dave Leon has extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults in mental health and currently supports groups for students with psychosis and psychotic disorders.

Disabled Student Union

Undergraduate Student Association

Graduate Student Association

Disability and Computing Program

Tarjan Center

UCLA Recreation – Wendy Motch stated that Mattel Children’s Hospital Research Center’s Cancer Treatment Center reached out to Recreation to develop a team support group that uses recreation as a medium to bring kids together.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm

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