Minutes – November 9, 2010



Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Chair:  Jim McGlynn

Vice-Chair: Eileen Fowler

Community Rep: Donna Bryan, Sharon Teruya

Staff:  Mark Ackerman, Alex Stavchanskiy

Ex- Officio Member: Patrick Burke, Dianne Tanjuaquio, Didi Hollingsworth, Wendy Motch, Jamie Hoffman, Kathy Molini

Alumni:  Robert Werle

Graduate Student:   Bert Cueva

Diversity:   Chris Littleton

Excused – Lisa Mueller, Adrienne Malka, Susan Drange Lee

Call to Order

The meeting called to order at 2:00pm

Review of Minutes

The motion was made to approve the October 14, 2010 minutes.


Disability History week follow-up – Eileen Fowler stated that the discussion regarding the mandate about Disability History Week was discussed at the last meeting and she added that it makes more sense to integrate Awareness and Disability History week.

Jim McGlynn thanked everyone who played apart on getting the Disability History Week activities/events completed in a short notice and added that it was quite an accomplishment. In addition, he mentioned that any planning, which the UCOD will be involved in for next year’s event should start in the last few meetings of this academic year. There is not enough time in the single September meeting to get the ball rolling on planning October’s activities.

Student Survey Results Continuing – Jim McGlynn stated that last year members discussed what the kind of questions should be asked of students who interact with the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Jim and Lisa shared a copy with the undergraduate representative who is now reviewing it to give her take on the survey.  The three questions were – (I) What is your experience as a student locating disability resources and receiving accommodations at UCLA.  (II) As a student with a disability why did you choose to come to UCLA   (III) Can you share with us some of your successes at UCLA as well as some of your various challenges.

Jim shared his feedback and mentioned that the person disability was not a primary identity for those students, on why they choose UCLA, it based on academics not necessarily for disability services.   He added that many of their worries were typical of any student having to be at a university in trying to focus on their work and be able to get classes and get the assistance they need.  He added that student with disabilities walk a finer tight rope because they are living in that ten-week quarter bubble and sometime some things take a little longer.

He went on to say that, it was good to know that individuals got to know about OSD various services from lot of various sources,  the indications are that outreach is healthy. There was a question on whether students who developed disabilities while at UCLA had been exposed to any outreach prior, and whether or not additional awareness campaigns would help. Also mentioned is that we welcome additional strategies for connecting with students via our undergraduate representatives

The committee asked the leadership to compile a brief report giving a summary and representative sample comments from the survey. Plans for this report will be distributed by the January meeting. It is hoped that a subcommittee could be formed to look at the results and to formulate what will be requested in the OSD survey this year; whether we should ask the same question to see additional responses, or whether there should be some changes.  Deadline to get this input to OSD is no later than April 2011.

Kathy Molini also addressed questions regarding the survey, including the statistics on how many were distributed and how many were returned/responded to.  The OSD main survey (distinguished from our UCOD survey questions) will be part of their annual report, which is due to be out in January.

Bert Cueva commented that it is important to focus on the positive comments, to build on those positive things and with the percentage with issues, it merits some attentions.

Proposed Outreach Subcommittee

Jim and Lisa met with Gurpreet Kaur the undergraduate rep and she mentioned that she had a number of physical barrier issues. One was the absent of exits from the Court of Science to the Life Sciences building, because of the construction of the Bomb Shelter.   She also had some issues regarding construction on Gayley. Chris Littleton mentioned that her office would take care of the information received.

The question was asked if someone would be replacing Chad Brown who was the ADA & 504 Coordinator, as this position is important to UCOD.

Campus Reports

Graduate Student Association – Bert Cueva will give her presentation at the January 9, 2011 meeting.  Bert added that she would like to be a part of the OSD survey to filter the analysis unto a potential subcommittee.

Office for Student with Disabilities – Kathy mentioned that they have additional space in Murphy Hall for proctoring and that they will be moving in November 2, 2010.

Communications Subcommittee Report by Heather Wozniak and presented by Patrick Burke.

The focus has been on the website.  The Communications subcommittee is here to help you promote events and news to the campus community.  If you have any events of interest, please contact Heather at heather@ats.ucla.edu and she will assist in publicizing it.

The website goals for this month were:

  1. Establish email list for committee business
  2. Develop Criteria for Posting news and events on website
  3. Develop Terms of Use for website.

The new email list ucod@lists.ucla.edu has been established, People will now have the ability to join or leave the list on their own, their email addresses will be kept private, and they will have more control over who can send messages to the list.  There will also be a list archive, so members can review old messages.

Drafts of the Criteria for Posting and Terms of Use, which Heather will share with the Communications subcommittee, and the Committee leadership for their feedback.  The Terms of Use refer users to the terms of use for the UCLA Gateway and the UCLA Logon.

Next month they will focus their efforts on integrating the site with the UCLA Single Sign-On system, so that people can login to post news and comments directly on the site.

Committee adjourned the meeting at 3:30

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