Minutes – July 13, 2010



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introduction – Mark Ackerman,  Donna Bryan,  Patrick Burke, Bert Cueva, Stephanie Fisher, Monroe Gorden, Thomas Griffin, Jamie Hoffman, Deidre Hollingsworth, Jim McGlynn, Alex Stavchanskiy, Tony Sclavenitis,  Sharon Teruya, Robert Werle, Heather Wozniak.

Excused – Dave Leon, Kiran Mistry, Mike Clark, Susan Drange Lee, Eileen Fowler, Wendy Motch, Lisa Mueller

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 3:05pm

Minutes – the July 8, 2010 minutes were reviewed, with changes noted.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the June 8, 2010 minutes as amended.


New Subcommittee formation requested by Bert Cueva – Stephanie Fisher stated that the minutes reflected the discussions at the June meeting resulted in the suggestion that a group get together to formulate the goals so that the committee could have clarity.

Lisa Mueller was responsible to initiate the discussion and get the group together.

Jim McGlynn stated that Lisa did initiate a thread of emails, but the subcommittee was not able to get together as a group.  He read a portion of the Bylaws, which states the general responsibilities of the UCOD concerning disability issues.

Stephanie Fisher said that her intent is not to derail the opportunity but, to get crystallization and move forward, based on the feedback  she was hoping to receive.

Bert was hesitant to have an action since the co chair was absent  and she made a request for continuance at the next meeting.

Heather Wozniak expressed that since the focus is on issues for students with disabilities, she questioned  whether OSD is involved or asked to be involved with the new formation of the subcommittee.  She added that if there are issues involving students and students with faculty, there are offices that manage those types of issues, such as the ADA and OSD or the Ombuds offices.  She went on to say if there is a problem, there is a process to go through when a student’s needs are not met.

Bert Cueva responded that this issue came out in 2007, and brought up again in April 2008 in which there was a presentation and again in January 2009.  She went on to say that a subcommittee was formed and is no longer in existence and, in July 2010, the same issues are still there.

Stephanie Fisher added that the subcommittee formed in 2009, got to the point, and made efforts to illustrate that processes are established and which offices are responsible.  She added that if a student is not getting the services needed, the subcommittee determined that OSD & ADA/504 are the offices and that the individual should schedule an appointment to meet with the someone.

A statement was made that the issue is not only helping students to navigate to the different offices but also helping faculty to understand their role, and furthermore, that a mechanism should be in place to educate faculty on how to deal with both graduate and undergraduate students with disabilities.

Monroe Gorden affirmed that there are many different offices available such as the Ombuds office, the OSD, the ADA/504, the Dean’s office, and the Campus Council office, depending on the issue and the need of the student.  He added that there is not a continuous outreach to faculty in terms of understanding the ADA on what they need to know, but there is consistent communication with faculty when a call is made to the OSD or the ADA offices, to make sure that they understand the law.   Five years ago, he talked with many of his colleagues in Student Affairs on ways in which to do preventive training.    Monroe went on to say that when requests are made to talk with faculty members, the ADA office responds as quickly as possible.  He added that a [lack of  a?]consistent alternate funding source does not allow the ADA office to do that effectively across the campus.   If a student needs assistants because of non-compliance, they should come to the ADA office. He added that Information received is highly confidential and not shared with other departments. He wondered if the bureaucracy is creating an unattainable situation for students, in terms of getting to the different offices and if the answer is yes, then changes are in need.

Bert suggested that the subcommittee could have an agenda that works with ADA & OSD confidentially in relation to faculty awareness and training.  She added that students are aware that there are networks, however what is lost in the process is how difficult, taxing and debilitating the process is, when a student is sent from one office to the other.

Stephanie recommended the formation of a subcommittee with individuals from the OSD, ADA, and Faculty Diversity, including graduate and undergraduate students.

Didi Hollingsworth disagreed with the recommendation and said that it is impractical and she said that the best thing is to create a subcommittee from UCOD and then meet with the ADA/504 Compliance office as needed when a bigger issue is articulated.

Crystal gave her perspective as a graduate student navigating through the system, and she stated that it is important that the dots be connected with the services that are available, instead of being sent around from office to office.  She added that there should be a way to bring all the entities together in a formalized process.

Campus Reports:

A motion made by Bert Cueva to have the  new Subcommittee formation   discussion tabled for the September meeting, was seconded by Didi Hollingsworth, UCOD members were all in favor.

Subcommittee Reports

Communication – Jim McGlynn reported that they made substantial progress in regards to the website meeting.  He added that the Annual report will be a summer project and that he will present the information in September

Heather Wozniak said that in the fall she would bring the official summary to the committee on what they have decided and would like to implement.   The second meeting scheduled for August 3, 2010, 2-4pm at the Law School conference room 1102.

Program & Activities – No Report

Membership/Recruitment – No Report

Bylaws – No Report

Campus Reports

ADA & 504 Compliance Office – Monroe Gorden reported that Chad Brown retired from the university

CAPS – No Report

Disabled Students Union – No Report

Undergraduate Student Union – No Report

Graduate Student Association – No Report

Disabilities and Computing Program Report

UC E-Access Team (EALT) Update
Patrick Burke reported that a phone conference for the Leadership Team was held on June 30, 2010. They learned that the guest at the last meeting, Deborah Kaplan, Director of Cal State’s Adaptive Tech Initiative (ATI) has just taken a position with the Social Security Administration.

Each campus is supposed to have at least one representative, but with retirements and other staff changes, some campuses are having trouble finding a suitable person. The Team is also seeking to add two other reps, one from Faculty and one from a campus procurement system. Please contact Patrick (burke@ucla.edu ) if you are willing to join or know of a good nominee.

Patrick also recently visited the new UC Berkeley technology Lab (http://attlc.berkeley.edu/ ). This meeting included discussions with Google and Yahoo accessibility experts on possible collaborations to provide accessibility training to UC staff.

UCCSC Conference
The annual UC Computing Support conference will be held at UCLA and online this year, July 19-20, 2010. Patrick will do a presentation discussing the pros and cons of virtual-meeting programs: Accessibility of Virtual Computing Environments: Barriers and Opportunities. The talk will be at 1:30 on July 20.

UCCSC 2010: No Limits!:

Office for Students with Disabilities – No Report

Tarjan Center – No Report

UCLA Recreation – No Report

Employee Disability Management Services – Adrienne Malka reported that the university is currently under a federal audit for various types of accommodations and that their office is putting together a report for this audit.    She added that this last fiscal year they did between five and six hundred staff accommodations.

Other Campus Report – Thomas Griffin mentioned that in regards to students not knowing where to go and need to find out what their options are the Ombuds office is a resource.

Meeting adjourned 3:30pm.

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