Minutes – January 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Co- Chair:                                           Jim McGlynn

Co- Chair:                                           Lisa Mueller

Community Rep:                                 Donna Bryan

Staff:                                                   Jason Wall, Al Aubin, Thomas Griffin

Ex- Officio Member:                          Heather Wozniak, Jamie Hoffman, Kathy Molini

Alumni:                                               Robert Werle

Undergraduate Student:                     Gurpreet Kaur

ADA & 504:                                       Monroe Gorden

Excused – Dianne Tanjuaquio, Bert Cueva, Mike Clark, Alex Stavchanskiy, Eileen Fowler

Call to Order

The meeting called to order at 2:05 PM.

Review of Minutes

Heather Wozniak pointed out that she was absent during the November 9, 2010 UCOD meeting and should not be listed as present.  The motion was made to approve the November 9, 2010 minutes in lieu of this information.  Motion seconded and approved.


Guest Speaker – Victor Pineda, absent.

Student Survey Results- Jim McGlynn stated that the OSD Student Survey results were finished.  Jim handed out paper copies of the UCOD OSD 2010 Survey Response, the report will also be sent out electronically.  This consolidation will hopefully answer some of the questions people had in the November meeting.  He thanked everyone and commented that the report is a result of everyone’s efforts.  Jim added that “in summary” the report talks about the genesis of the survey, how many surveys where handed out and returned; 61 out of 162 surveys.  He related that we should think about potential “Action items,” and think about future surveys.  Asking if we want to do the same survey again? Are there strengths and weaknesses?  Hopefully this survey will generate some questions to address in the next meeting.

Subcommittee Leadership and Organization

Communication- Heather Wozniak announced that the website was updated, and the listserv is up and running.  ucod@list.ucla.edu making it easier for everyone to get in touch with members of the committee, sending out e-mails all at once for example.  Website is secure and filters out inappropriate messages and spam.  She mentioned that they are behind on the December and January goals due to a busy office environment.  Currently she is working on a style guide for simpler access.  Heather would like to remind members that if they would like something uploaded to the website to e-mail her directly.

Membership and Recruitment- Jim explained that Dianne Tanjuaquio will update the committee next month.

Campus Reports

ADA & 504- Monroe Gorden mentioned that his office continues to do what they have always done, look at all the facilities and try to work with the facilities department to be in ADA compliance.  He stated that some of the newer facilities have been built up to code and therefore have not been an issue.  The departments within older facilities that are being renovated are in not in a position to pay for everything that needs to be done and updated.

Lisa Mueller asked if ultimately responsibility for compliance renovations falls to the departments, which Monroe answered that ultimately it falls to the campus because the departments do not really have the funding for it.

Donna Bryan commented that in her personal experience at UCLA, it is important to realize that just because a building is new, it does not mean that it’s perfectly built, or in ADA compliance.  She cited the Molecular Science building as a classic example of a building with code violations after its inception.  Monroe noted that the Hospital was another example of a new building that when finished was also flawed.  Bob Werle asked if there is a University planning committee that can oversee, or coordinate, with the builders.  Monroe and Donna affirmed that there is.

Lisa Mueller asked if the California Governor’s new budget will impact the ADA & 504 representative’s office and its activities.  However, since Monroe has not had a chance to look at it, and because the Office of the President’s budget cuts has not been compiled, he cannot predict future impacts as of this committee meeting.

Undergraduate Student Association- Gurpreet Kaur, along with Kathy Molini, looked at the survey results; Gurpreet discussed student comments in regards to Transfer and Freshmen Orientation.  She mentioned ORL Residence Hall advertising of first floor accommodations for disabled students, and what RAs are doing when it comes to first floor residents.  Further, she added that the Undergraduate Student Association Council is focused on the project of evening van service and expanding it to South of Wilshire Blvd, due to the fact that a lot of students mentioned in the survey that there is no accommodation/ transportation to the South of Wilshire Blvd.

Disabled Students Union & Guest Speaker Victor Pineda’s message relayed via Jamie Schaffel- Jamie shared that Victor wanted to talk about an after school program he is starting, New Media Academy will advocate for disability rights as well as storytelling.  Victor is looking for UCLA students to be mentors for his program.  He will send e-mails to committee members asking for references of students who might be interested, or would be a great fit for the program.  It is at Cleveland High School from February 16 to April 6th; Victor needs 6 to 7 volunteers that can commit to 24 total hours.

Jamie went on to say that her group has a collaborative opportunity with Mattel Children’s Hospital’s Sarcoma Unit.  It is a Team Adventure Program, or TAP, and it is primarily for individuals that are amputees.  Jamie is excited to see how the program develops in the year and considers this a pilot program for future programs at Mattel Children’s Hospital.  Jamie concludes by stating that her group has a Ski trip coming up, as well as wheelchair Basketball and wheelchair Tennis.

Graduate Student Association- Jim clarified that Bert Cueva will not be attending next month’s meeting, or any meeting during Spring Quarter because of proctoring and teaching responsibilities.

Disability and Computing Program presented by Heather Wozniak on behalf of Patrick Burke- Heather stated that it will be interesting to look at website services and UCLA Summer Sessions as it pertains to software and accessibility for students.  She also asserts that it may become an important future project.

Office for Students with Disabilities- Kathy Molini commented that OSD moved to a new proctoring center in Murphy Hall A-242 and she encourages people to drop by.  Kathy adds that OSD is in a “growth spurt” and has already had 1,100 students use their services.

Kathy proceeded to hand out hard copies of the OSD Annual Report 2009-10.   Jamie asked if there is an increase in the number of Veterans served by OSD.  Kathy admitted that there is a slight increase, but there is no number to accompany her answer.  Jamie then asked if OSD will start tracking the number of Vets served.  Kathy revealed that they added this to their intake.

Lisa asked if OSD has access to other UC’s surveys on disability.  Kathy responded with a No; information and survey results are not shared among the UCs on a regular basis.  Jim commented that a lot of campuses look to UCLA to take initiative and compile the data.  Later, Kathy mentioned that unless funding is provided initiative will not occur.  Additionally, the Office of the President is currently focused on gathering data on other student sub-groups.

Jim referred to the earlier discussion of Veterans, and asked if other than self support in regards to being able to attend UCLA, are there any grants, or awards, from the Department of Defense for disabled Veterans.  Kathy stated that Vets who are registered with OSD are always welcome to submit a request for a scholarship targeted for students with disabilities.  Jamie interjected that in regards to disabled Sports there is tons of funding for Veterans.

Bob Werle noticed that the OSD Annual Report has a lot of data tracking disabled student’s academic performance.  Bob asked Kathy what is the purpose of tracking the academic performance of disabled students and non-disabled students.  Kathy posed if Bob meant to ask “Why OSD pays attention to how students with disabilities are doing academically?”  Bob rephrased and asked if it related to the services that are provided.  Kathy revealed that there are a number of reasons, but usually it’s because a lot of people wonder how successful students with disabilities are as opposed to their non-disabled peers.  And it also answers whether or not the academic support services actually assist students and contribute to their success.

Kathy asserted that a lot of students would not be able to survive in this academic setting without OSD services.  Further, the data can clarify the myth of disabled students being admitted under special circumstances.  Accommodation for disabled students is given for fair access and not for grades.  Anyone that comes to OSD has to present documentation that identifies functional limitation, and there must be a link between the limitation and the accommodation sought.

Donna requested that copies of the OSD Annual Report be brought to the next meeting.  Jim clarified that copies will be brought to the next meeting, and in addition Kathy will make another presentation at the next meeting.  The report will also be available electronically.

Committee adjourned the meeting at 2:55 PM.

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