Minutes – February 9, 2010



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Introduction – Mark Ackerman, Chad Brown, Donna Bryan, Patrick Burke, Joy Chantarasompoth, Mike Clark, Bert Cueva, Stephanie Fisher, Thomas Griffin, Jamie Hoffman, Steven Kapp,  Kathy Kolodziejski,  Susan Drange Lee, Dave Leon, Thomas Martin, Jim McGlynn, Wendy Motch, Lisa Mueller,  Laura Sobchick, Sharon Teruya, Joy Chantarasompoth, Thomas Griffin, Alex Stavchanskiy, Heather Wozniak

Excused – Eileen Fowler, Deidre Hollingsworth, Adrienne Malka


Following up regarding Parking Services – Alex Stavchanskiy raised concerns at our last meeting regarding being charged $3 for parking at the meters near the Law School. A prior communication from Parking Services stated that individuals with a parking placard did not have to pay for using the meters.  Stephanie followed up with Parking Services, and they shared that the “meters” by the Law school are actually “pay stations” where someone can park for a whole day or smaller increment (the latter offered for the consumer’s convenience).  The free meter parking only applies to coin meters, of which there are only one or two dozen across the entire campus.

Update on Grad Student membership – Lisa Mueller mentioned that the decision was made that the graduate students that are interested in joining the committee will not absorb the undergraduate students’ spots, but are welcome to attend the meetings with the possibility to become voting members in the future.  Lisa will communicate with the interested graduate students.

Subcommittee Reports

Communication – Jim McGlynn shared that he is working on last year’s annual report, and will give an executive summary at the March meeting.  Jim also shared that he forwarded the Jessie Alpha article from the Daily Bruin to Patrick Burke for him to place on the UCOD website.  He added that Jessie Alpha was instrumental with Janie Spencer in getting the Disability Studies Minor off the ground and that there is a scholarship in her honor.

Program & Activities – no report

Membership/Recruitment – no report

Bylaws – Donna Bryan mentioned that she is observing the proceedings of the UCOD meetings with particular attention to graduate and undergraduate students’ membership to see whether the decisions made at the last meeting work out effectively or if it is necessary to formally change the bylaws.   She added that the bylaws might need further revising and she encourages everyone to contact her with ideas.

Campus Reports

ADA /504 Compliance Office – no report

CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) – David Leon mentioned that CAPS professionals provide a safe, confidential place to for students to discuss their concerns. He added that they offer a wide range of counseling and clinical services designed to meet students’ various mental health needs throughout the year.

Disabled Students Union – no report

Undergraduate Student Association – no report

Graduate Student Association – no report

Disability and Computing program – Patrick Burke reported that a new UC-wide Electronic Access group has been announced, and an initial meeting is being scheduled, probably in early April. Patrick Burke is UCLA’s representative. The group is similar to other previous efforts, but has more participation from UCOP administration (including, for example, David Ernst, UC Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer).

Some initial goals of the team are:

  • Make Recommendations about Systemwide Policy
  • Develop Systemwide Best Practices/Guidelines
  • Conduct Campus Inventories/Identify High-Risk Areas and Greatest Opportunity
  • Partnership with CSU/CCC, collaborative grant proposals, collaboration with faculty in disability studies
  • Training Needs and Opportunities
  • Electronic Books and Textbooks
  • Define/Pursue Strategies for Making Accessibility a Standard Component of New IT Initiatives

Access Computing Alliance Internship

The NSF-funded Access Computing Alliance is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support undergraduate research [by] students with disabilities. If you know of a student with a disability who is interested in undergraduate research in a computing field, please have him or her contact the AccessComputing Intern Coordinator Scott Bellman: swb3@u.washington.edu. Students with disabilities interested in industrial internships can also contact Scott as he coordinates both kinds of internships.(from: http://acm.cs.ucla.edu/node/227 ).

February 27-28:UCLA vs. USC SS12 Competition

SS12 is a Code-A-Thon Challenge organized by Project: Possibility and local ACM organizations. In the past, SS12 events have been held at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This event provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate software developers to make a profound difference by developing innovative, empowering software projects for disabled persons and win prizes for their work. The purpose of SS12 is to increase awareness of issues in accessible computing and be educational and fun for all participants.

Winners will present at this year’s Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (“CSUN”).

To register, volunteer, or get more information, go to: http://ss12.info/ucla/

Office for Students with Disabilities – no report

Tarjan Center – no report

UCLA Recreation – Wendy Motch mentioned that construction would begin in the spring quarter at Pauley Pavilion and that they are anticipating a shift in traffic patterns for pedestrians.  She added that UCLA Outpatient Rehab Services is moving back to the original location (1000 Veteran) by the end of May.

Jamie Hoffman mentioned that the SOAR program is in its fourth week.  The primary audience for this recreation program is teens and young adults who have cerebral palsy and autism.

Other Campus Reports – Stephanie Fisher asked for input regarding speakers to present at upcoming UCOD meetings.  Mike Clark shared his interest in having the Dean of the School of Medicine Gene Washington.  Adrienne Malka wanted to hear from, and be updated by, the Emergency Management program.  Dr. Sharon Teruya suggested Janeen Steel, who received much recognition for her work on behalf of youths with learning or educational disabilities.  Chad Brown suggested Sergeant Littlestone to give a presentation on how to handle a crisis.

Members received the invitation for the Disability Studies Symposium and reception: Choreographing Disability – for February 17, 2010, 4:00 – 7:00 pm at the Glorya Kaufman Hall room 22.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:30pm

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