Minutes – April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Co- Chair:                                           Lisa Mueller, Jim McGlynn

Community Rep:                                 Donna Bryan

Staff:                                                   Mark Ackerman, Alex Stavchanskiy

Ex- Officio Member:                          Patrick Burke, Heather Wozniak, Kathy Molini, Dianne Tanjuaquio, Mike Clark

Undergraduate Student:                     Gurpreet Kaur

Office of Diversity:                            Dave Miller

Excused – Eileen Fowler, Bert Cueva, Thomas Griffin, Sharon Teruya, Adrienne Malka, Jamie Hoffman, and Robert Werle.

I. Call to Order

The meeting called to order at 2:10pm

II. Review of Minutes

A motion made by Donna Bryan and seconded by Alex Stavchanskiy, to approve the March 8, 2011 minutes.   This was done by unanimous vote.

III. Agenda

  • Communication: follow up regarding FAQ section on website – Heather Wozniak’s redesign of the UCOD website is completed and implemented.  She gave a demonstration of the site, members gave some suggestions, and changes that they would like to see incorporated.  Heather disseminated copies of the UCOD Website common questions received and said that she would incorporate all the information.
  • Jim McGlynn said that the list received is a good framework and stated that he is willing to take suggestions on what might be good additions to each category.
  • Heather asked if anyone would like to volunteer his or her expertise.  Her intention is to contact members for information on each category.

IV. Membership/Recruitment

  • Staff Assembly contacted Jim McGlynn, to remind him that the typical term of the staff representatives are two years with one-year extensions.  Mark Ackerman has been filling the Faculty slot and that Dianne Tanjuaquio, has replaced Joy Chantarasompoth.  Jim and Alex Stavchanskiy are the other two staff representatives who have decided to continue on the committee.
  • An update at the May meeting regarding the online confirmation votes of the extensions for Jim and Alex and Mark (Dianne just started last year) will be given.   With the four current staff assembly slots, one slot is open for a staff person, which Jim will inform Staff Assembly so that a nomination can go through.  Everyone one else on the committee will continue for another year upon an approval confirmation, vote still pending.
  • If anyone has other, membership or recruitment issues/questions please contact Jim McGlynn at jmglynn@mednet.ucla.edu or (Dianne Tanjuaquio, UCOD membership committee)

V. ADA & 504 Compliance Office

  • Monroe Gorden expressed that the department continues to help student faculty & staff, with the assistance of Adrienne Malka, he stated that Adrienne is a tremendous help.

VI. Undergraduate Student Union

  • Gurpreet Kaur notified everyone about the Evening Van Service. The General Representative office worked with UCPD and Transportation Service, expanding the Evening Van Service to South of Wilshire. The service runs from 6-11pm, it stops on Midvale and Wellsworth.

  • Gurpreet announced that Can You Hear Us Now concert is going to be held on April 14 from 11am to 4pm in downtown LA on Spring Street. The concert is in response to the budget cuts and the effect those cuts will have on education. 

VII. Graduate Student Association

  • Bert Cueva would give her presentation at the May UCOD meeting.

VIII. Disability and Computing Program

Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team- Patrick Burke reported that the Leadership Team has been very active recently.

1) The March 14 web access training at UCSD was very successful. Six UCLA staff members attended, and their feedback was very positive. DCP will be following up with them to involve them in further campus accessibility efforts.

2) Pete Siegel (CIO of UC Davis) presented a status report to the UC IT Leadership Council on March 24. The report details their work in five key areas: assessment, training, tools, policy and consulting (to ensure UCOP’s own accessibility). They will post the full report on the UCOD site.

3) The Tech sub-team is currently testing software that checks web access issues from SSB Bart Group. This is part of an evaluation to find software that can help the campuses manage accessibility for their thousands of web pages.

  • They have also held phone meetings with Google and Microsoft regarding their “Apps” products. These tools combine email, chat, calendaring, document sharing and more. However, the National Federation of the Blind recently asked the Justice Department to investigate whether adopting Google’s largely inaccessible system would put universities in violation of ADA/504. Google says they continue to work with the NFB and will have accessible versions in a few months.

4) They agreed to a plan to do an accessibility survey of 6-7 key campus web pages, for inclusion in the full EALT report in July. The goal is to complete the survey quickly, giving the results to the departments in question. DCP will work with the departments to make needed changes before the EALT report is finalized. The goal is to make improvements for these key pages, but also to gauge the difficulty of larger scale projects.

IX.            Office for Students with Disabilities

  • Kathy Molini along with members of her staff attended the Bruin Day event. They received good feedback from attendees.  The new proctoring space has made a big difference in how they can consult with one another and is much easier for her staff in that location.  She went on to say that from all indications, OSD might be serving the highest number of students this year than ever before.

X. Other Business

  • Mike Clark mentioned that Charlotte Dunklin the Associate Director of the Staff Affirmative Action Office is retiring in June.
  • Jim McGlynn reminded the committee members that the last two meetings for this quarter the discussions would be on activities for Disability Awareness in October.  He asked if anyone were interested in serving the committee in a different way, he would be pleased to have that help.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:10pm

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