Agenda – October 12, 2010



SUB-COMMITTEE MEETINGS: 3:30 – 4:00 PM (as time permits)

*Whenever possible, please send an advance copy of report or presentation to the committee accessibility coordinator, Sylvia Moguel by the Monday prior to the meeting date.

  1. Introductions & Quorum (Mueller/McGlynn/Fowler)
    1. Introductions
  2. Minutes (McGlynn/Fowler)
  3. Agenda
    1. Disability History Week (McGlynn/Fowler)
    2. Student Survey Results (Fowler/Molini)
    3. Proposed Outreach Subcommittee (Cueva)
    4. Website/Communications Presentation (Wozniak)
    5. Guest Speaker for November (Fowler/Mueller)
  4. Campus Reports (as needed) *
    1. ADA/504 Compliance Office (Brown/Gorden)
    2. CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) (Leon)
    3. Disabled Students Union (Schaffel)
    4. Undergraduate Student Association (Schaffel)
    5. Graduate Student Association (Cueva/Mueller/Sobchick)
    6. Disability and Computing Program (Burke)
    7. Office for Students with Disabilities (Molini)
    8. Tarjan Center (Fowler)
    9. UCLA Recreation (Hoffman)
    10. Employee Disability Management Services (Malka)
    11. Other campus reports (as needed)
  5. Other Business (Open)
  6. Announcements (Open)
  7. Adjournment (Fisher)
  8. Sub-Committee Meeting (Sub-Committee Chairs)

UCLA Committee on Disability Accessibility Guidelines

Please make your accessibility needs known when you RSVP for UCOD meetings so the Committee coordinators can arrange for necessary accommodations. Accessibility concerns can be directed to the committee support staff at

Any presenter or person giving a report or presentation is requested to bring handouts in alternative formats. We recommend 25 hardcopies in 12 point font for sighted participants. Also bring 2-3 large print copies in 16 point font and at least one disk copy with the document saved in Microsoft word format.

*Please send an advance copy of report or presentation to the committee accessibility coordinator, by the Monday prior to the meeting date to Sylvia Moguel

Audio Description with Visuals

Presenters using visuals (e.g., overheads, powerpoints, etc.) must be prepared to describe the visuals to accommodate visually impaired or blind participants.

If a sign language interpreter is used, presenters must be prepared to speak slowly enough for the interpreter to accurately interpret what is being said.

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